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RVDC high barrier composite materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PVDC polyvinylidene chloride, there are two kinds of state: one kind is light yellow, powder resin, a kind of is not transparent liquid latex shape. PVDC resin powder mainly adopts extrusion blown film forming, is not used for injection molding processed, products are mainly used for casing film packaging; And PVDC latex adopts sheet as the backing material, such as PVC coated film on its surface. Products are mainly used in food packaging.

now commonly used blister packaging materials, PVC is hard and polyvinylidene chloride. Choose the PVC blister packaging, can take its good intermiscibility, and easy for forming and sealing, low prices. But poor thermal stability of low water vapor and oxygen barrier property. PVDC load material is a kind of material blocking performance is very good, he can be used under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, and other performance similar to PVC.

PVDC high barrier composite membrane in addition to the general performance of plastic, also has the self-extinguishing, oil resistance, incense, and the excellent properties, such as moistureproof mildew, good printing and hot sealing at the same time, is many plastic packaging materials in one comprehensive blocking performance is very good. He is both different from poly (vinyl alcohol) with the increase of moisture absorption and make the gas blocking performance fell sharply, it is also different from nylon membrane wet due to water resistance performance, but a wet resistance, high gas blocking all optimal block material, environment have little impact on the barrier property.

PVDC composite materials should pay attention to some problems in the process of blister packaging: 1. For now using PVC sheet blister machine, if use PVDC composite material, equipment do not need to transform can be used directly. 2. In the process of use of PVDC composite materials, to the attention of PVDC geared to the needs of the medial, direct contact with the package contents. 3. If blister machinery to the rolling direction of base material requirements to ensure the surface of PVDC in inside, must be determined with PVDC supplier in advance. 4. PVDC before use should be on 22 + room stand for 3-5 ℃ 5 days, the use of performance to achieve a very good state, unused PVDC must use black PE film sealed packaging after stored in the warehouse.

polypropylene as a thermoplastic polymer has very extensive application in the field of plastic, because of the different catalysts and polymerization process, the polymer performance, have different purposes. PP has many useful properties, but also a lack of inherent toughness, especially under the condition of below its glass transition temperature. With the addition of impact modifier, however, can improve the shock resistance.

enterprises expect to reduce costs in the process of resource integration, optimize the use of production equipment, reduce costs, improve the process of products to market fast. Its development is the result of the prompt development more professional, scientific, simple and rational packaging, processes, and strategy. Must choose the right packaging materials, and enough to protect the injection molding processing products. These packing material does not necessarily agree with the original packaging materials, because in the service life of the product is the mid-term, full use of the material in the raw material company may not have. And high separation performance of packaging is the need to consider of rules.

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