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Technology for compound inside mould

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Mixed color raw material of the injection molding process is characterized by different colors respectively in separate injection of plasticizing unit is complete, then through a public injection nozzle will pigment into the mould. All kinds of pigment distribution by each injection device measurement control and speed control, as well as the design of the injection program. Through the design and control of different color, different volume concentration of pigment in the nozzle and mixing, flow in a cavity can produce different color effects. Mixed color injection molding processing technology can produce marbling, stripe, ivory and so on the many kinds of color design of product.

DAP veneers quality of a material is relatively soft, flexible, therefore can be used as the adornment of the surface of substrate surface material. To paper or wood chips, compound at the end of the glue on the base of laminating machine pressing. Hot-pressing conditions vary with the thickness of the paper, the pressure good sheet of paper coated unsaturated polyester resin solution, and PVA film covering the surface, make it under the condition of the air curing. Using the surface layer of printing paper, can make the decorative surface materials have a strong sense of simulation.

multi-color injection molding process, according to the color of the design need to configure multiple injection unit. In forming double color products, for example, first to the mold cavity through the injection unit 1 into the raw material of a kind of color, and then through the mould moving or rotating by the injection unit 2 to the other half of the mold cavity into another kind of color material, two colors on the parts have obvious boundaries. Multi-color injection molding automobile tail light, is the most typical applications can be implemented from the double color to the multi-color injection molding. Multi-color injection molding in other applications have cosmetic containers, tool handles, multicolor words or symbols on a keyboard.

on PVC film printed pattern, the suppression of brown eyes, and then coated with adhesive, the wood grain film with roller pressure bonding to the substrate, the woodiness feeling strong decorative board. PVC wood grain film can be divided into two, single and double layer without a protective layer, double layer is printed in the wood grain surface and covered a layer of transparent PVC film, the underlying and overlying a layer of color of PVC film, to strengthen the adornment effect. PVC wood veneers restricted by PVC heat resistance is low, there is a requirement for high heat cannot be used in the decoration materials, and the surface quality of a material soft, scratch resistance is not good.

technology for compound inside mould means two or more different color, different components of the plastic raw material in the mould molten state under complete composite process. Using different types of technology for compound inside mould process, can achieve different adornment effect and meet the special needs of certain features. If you need to make a drawing of surface and central layers, or a different parts of the parts have different texture, then using two kinds of completely different raw material composition, performance can be realized through the two-component injection molding technology.

will be printed with the pattern of titanium white paper impregnated junior bake, dry curing, DAP solution in the drying tunnel exit, curing rate of about 50%, the cladding layer PP membrane to prevent adhesion, and then according to the requirements of the injection molding processing size cut into parts, with single pressing machine and substrate or double pressing. If you need to make smooth plate,, the use of the aluminum plate for press clamp, if you need to make embossing plate, can adopt the embossing resin version as a pressure plate.

parts surface or certain parts using soft elastic plastic or foam material, core layer or certain parts in rigid materials such as ABS or PC, you can also meet the needs of the combined structure performance and decorative properties. Similar applications have furniture armrest, tool handles. Two-component injection technology can also be used in surface layer of transparent material, inner parts for non-ferrous materials, to produce a good visual effect.

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