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Technoloy side parting and core pulling

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
According to different transmission rack fixed position, the lateral core-pulling mechanism can be divided into the transmission rack and pinion and rack fixed on the fixed mold injection tooling side and drive side rack fixed on the moving mould. This mechanism can be not only is the lateral direction and inclined side direction core-pulling, can also make arc direction core-pulling and core-pulling and screw thread core pulling. Clamping, the transmission rack insert dynamic template corresponding to the hole and gear wheels, for clockwise rotation of the gear drives the rack type core is reset, then the locking device will lock gear and rack type core.

if the dynamic model and the fixed mold core envelope area of the size, in order to prevent technoloy in open die from to pull out of a chute, can set the stop of technoloy. Technoloy launch distance can be determine by putting the launch of the distance. However, technoloy launch schedule in the dynamic template guide chute has certain requirements, under normal circumstances, the vertical mold is not more than 1/2 technoloy height, horizontal mold is not more than one-third of technoloy height, if you must use a larger launch distance, can lengthen technoloy oriented length.

in the inclined guide rod inside core-pulling structure design, the key issue is inclined guide restoration measures. In order to make the fixed end of inclined guide rod structure is simple, reliable reset, sometimes side core in the parting surface to the lateral extension of plastic parts. Rack and pinion side parting and core-pulling mechanism is to use the transmission rack drive and occlusion of the gear and rack core side parting and core pulling mechanism. With the inclined guide pillar and technoloy compared side core-pulling mechanism, rack and pinion side core-pulling mechanism can obtain larger core pulling force and pull.

in the case of side core-pulling distance is larger, should be paid attention to in the process of side core-pulling technoloy removed the position at the top of the push rod, the location, such as improper will cause technoloy cannot meet the expected side parting and core pulling work, so when the design, the location of the push rod selection should attach importance to it. For technoloy cockiness type surface at the bottom of the situation, in order to guarantee the jointing surface of technoloy when clamping closed, avoid flash occurring during injection molding technoloy assembly must make its underside is 0 from dynamic template. 2 - 0. 5 mm clearance, higher dynamic template above 0. 4 - 0. 6mm。

when the technoloy and guide chute between the wear and tear, through grinding technoloy of end face again to keep them closed, in addition, when the underside of technoloy parting surface, the bottom is not gaps. In horizontal injection molding machine using oblique slippery pieces of side core-pulling mechanism, in order to prevent technoloy driven at work on the template of guide chute of slide out, affect the normal work of the agency, therefore, should make a long slot on the technoloy, dynamic template set on a screw pin location.

if injection on mold processing package force of the main core is larger, can lead to die, technoloy will slip out from the guide chute, and make the mold can't work. Main core set at the side of the moving die, die technoloy servo module ward, in the process of stripping side core-pulling, although plastic parts and the main core is loose, but when the side parting core-pulling of molded parts still has the effect of limiting lateral movement, so the parts can't stick in a technoloy, plastic easy to remove.

guide rod guide slide side parting and core-pulling mechanism is also known as inclined pusher side core-pulling mechanism, it is made by the inclined guide bar and side core after integral or combination mechanism and dynamic template guide inclined guide hole on the slide to launch a technoloy core-pulling mechanism. Inclined guide bar and move with the inclined guide hole on the template for H8 / f8, oblique guide rod lateral core-pulling mechanism can be divided into the lateral core-pulling and inside core-pulling two kinds big.

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