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The analysis of the PVC flame retardant smoke suppression

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
CONE in the case of simulating the real fire comprehensive measurement of materials, the dynamic situation of heat release during burning, NBS smoke box measure is the injection molding processing materials in the static of smoke density change within a closed system. To the comprehensive evaluation of the composite effects of smoke suppression agents. Accurate characterization of flame retardant smoke suppression performance of the need to use flame retardant smoke suppression performance test technology, looking for reasonable flame retardant system and the formula is not, without the technology. Scholars that, when burned, using gas chromatography to the material make a rapid determination of toxic gases CO, and support the use of smoke density meter for 11 kinds of PVC samples were determined with flame retardant added, can rapid, accurate judgment and evaluation of the flame retardant, flame retardant materials smoke abatement and toxicity, and quick in the experiment, the reasonable adjustment of flame retardants formula accurately.

material for flame retardant smoke suppression performance characterization methods including conventional combustion index test, smoke density test, and get all the attention in recent years a new generation of flame retardant test technology - Cone calorimeter. Conventional combustion performance indicators for oxygen index and horizontal and vertical burning method; Smoke density test by the beam in the smoke density in different light transmittance in the oven to reflect the concentration of the smoke. CONE is based on the oxygen consumption principle of a new generation of polymer combustion performance tester.

in the ZnO and ATH composite flame retardant synergistic flame retardant smoke abatement effect of soft PVC, flame retardant treatment were studied by thermal analysis method of soft PVC from room temperature to 800 ℃ after the thermal degradation process of PVC thermal degradation process is divided into two stages. CONE in the research on the mechanism of flame retardant also play an important role in the process. The CONE is used for Cu2O and MoO3 on the research of the PVC flame retardant smoke suppression mechanism, can obtain the comprehensive information of gas phase and the condensed phase at the same time. Cu2O/MoO3 changed PVC thermal degradation pathways, collaborative decrease thermal cracking rate of PVC carbon skeleton, promoted into the increased amount of carbon, collaborative lower than extinction area and increase effective heat of combustion shows that in the gas phase is more advantageous to smoke suppression.

scholars by using the CONE experiments of thermal parameters such as weight loss rate and smoke release rate and TTI CuO on PVC thermal degradation behavior is studied, the influence of flame retardant and smoke suppression. The experimental results show that the addition of CuO ratio significantly lower RHR and smoke, make the light time of the PVC. Suggesting that CuO has good flame retardancy and smoke suppression, and makes the volatile gas phase combustion reaction. Because of CuO promote flame retardant, resulting in THR increase.

mechanism analysis of flame retardant materials with the aid of experimental method will help more clear and in-depth understanding of combustion process, and find a more effective method of flame retardant smoke suppression. Cu2O join promote PVC emergence HCI in advance, and the second heat peak delay and reduce weight loss rate, shows that PVC HCI off after the formation of the structure of the thermal stability is better. Using XPS confirmed the transition metal oxides increase crosslinking of PVC chain between hypothesis. Obtained by CONE

there are many types of combustible materials in the fire burning parameters, including heat release rate, total heat release and effective heat of combustion, the lighting time, smoke and toxic parameters and quality parameters change, and so on. Some thermal analysis methods are often used in injection molding processing and material characterization of flame retardant performance. In order to obtain more accurate information material flame retardant and smoke suppression, researchers tend to the combination of a variety of research methods.

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