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The application of coupling agent on the cavity materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Coupling agent is to point to to adsorption on the surface, in small amounts can significantly change the surface physical and chemical properties, resulting in a series of application function of a class of substances. Coupling agent can be adsorbed on the surface, form adsorption film; Can also be used in the solution and the internal, forming a variety of types of molecular organized assemblies. Starting from the two functions, derived from a variety of applications, has a wide range of USES, permeates nearly all industrial applications, including injection molding processing industry. In many industries, coupling agent can greatly improve the production process and product performance. Oral material that is commonly used in coupling agent are: organic silane coupling agent and adhesion of the Korean acid group monomer.

composite resin is a kind of organic resin matrix and after surface treatment of inorganic filler and trigger system combination of tooth repair materials. Inorganic filler in surface treatment before need to be mixed with resin matrix, its aim is to make the filler particles and resin matrix can be strong together. Filler particles can be combined with resin matrix material as coupling agent.

acid corrosion ceramic bonding repair has become the preferred means of anterior teeth restoration. Denture is by the artificial teeth and the base of two parts, the main material of making denture base tora is base resin.

adhesive effect experiment evaluation, the main test tensile strength and shear strength. Shear strength is the commonly used evaluation index of bonding repair, but data shows that it is easy to affected by bonding method and experiment design. At the same time the tensile and shear strength for the same composite resin and ceramic bonding test comparing, conclusion is tensile strength is more suited to evaluate the bonding performance.

coupling agent on the development of economy, non-toxic, no stimulation, multi-function, stable performance and good biodegradability composite materials has been the oral material pursue goal. So, on the one hand, the existing and has a lot of coupling agent used to improve the production technology, reduce costs, improve quality. Another aspect, further in-depth study of coupling agent, structure, performance and oral materials, the relationship between the development with special structure and function of new type of coupling agent, or open up a new field application of existing coupling agent.

coupling agent is used in the oral cavity:
1. Increase in the dental composite resin combination between inorganic fillers and resins.
2。 Improve the restoration or between filler and binder or tooth stick relay.
3。 Reinforce the denture base.
4。 Immune moth-proofing, plaque control and sterilization, and prevent aging.

a: lignin and composite coupling agent, click directly.
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