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The application of HDPE and ldpe

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
HDPE plastic recycling part of the fastest growing market. This is mainly because of its easy to injection molding processing, with minimal degradation characteristics and its application in packaging USES a lot. The main recycling is 25% recycled materials, and the pure HDPE after reprocessing used in the manufacture of no contact with things out of the bottle.

high density polyethylene pipe in melt over a welding pipe size should be matching the heating head assembly to the welding machine, connect the power and wait for the heating head of optimum temperature 260 ℃, insert pipe and fitting welding apparatus at the same time, in accordance with the provisions, heating time, heating has been completed, remove the pipe and pipe fittings, connections, immediately connect matching in pipes and pipe fittings, if the position is wrong, can in a certain period of time to do a small adjustment, but the torsion Angle is not suitable for more than 5 degrees.

low density polyethylene is vaguely radical polymerization under high pressure to obtain the thermoplastics. LDPE is the oldest of the polyethylene resin family members. LDPE combines some good performance, which determines the LDPE is today one of the most widely used material in polymer industry.

conventional LDPE used two methods of production: tube type and kettle type method. Two kinds of manufacturing method is high purity ethylene flux into high pressure high temperature reactor containing initiator. The initiator or oxygen or a kind of organic peroxides. The realization of the reaction termination is that by joining chain termination agent or using two molecular chain connection.

the appearance of high density polyethylene pipe for our water supply development provides a good performance of new type of green chemical pipes. With the wide application of his, and his performance will also get a further test and prove it. The general design and the construction crew should be familiar with the characteristics of polyethylene pipe, constantly find problems and solve them, scientific and reasonable to carry on the design and construction, make the new pipe in various kinds of water supply project play a more important role.

is made by the said polymer molecular weight of all the average length of molecular chain. For the convenience of melt index was chosen to be a measure of the injection molding processing industrial chain size. Melt index is given in g / 10 min, and inversely proportional to the size of the molecular weight. For LDPE, melt index reflect the flow property of the resin and involves the nature of the finished product large change. Reduce MI in most of the increased strength, reduce the degree of crystallinity in the procession of LDPE resin when the number of branches of short chain function.

unlike other polyethylene manufacturing method for the linear structure, by means of high pressure of polymer is a branching structure. The branching structure assignment and conventional LDPE excellent transparency, flexible and easy to squeeze out performance. To meet the different application of LDPE resin made by molecular weight, crystallinity and molecular weight distribution MWDS of balance and control.

ethylene is the basic structural unit of polyethylene products. It comes from the oil refinery gas, liquefied petroleum gas or liquid hydrocarbon from colorless gas. Because it is in many other industrial chemicals and polymer composition, so the existence of ethylene supply continuously. Competition for this kind of get some dramatic influence on the price of polyethylene and effective value.

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