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The application of modified polycarbonate

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PC/ASA alloy good weather resistance, especially suitable for making outdoor use of electronic devices. PC/PBT alloy size stability is good, can be used for electrical connectors, high voltage and plug sleeve ring, etc. More than the expansion of PC with glass material PC injection tooling higher mechanical strength and better thermal stability, is the ideal material used as a mechanical device. PC/PE alloy has excellent resistance to boiling water, can be used in the manufacture of textile yarn tube and shell of electric tools.

modified PC has excellent comprehensive performance, widely used in the automotive industry, electrical and electronic industry, machinery industry and other fields. Modified PC due to the high heat resistance, and good appearance, high mechanical properties can be used as a car in the car fittings. PC/ABS alloy and PC/PBT alloy is used in automobile internal and external fittings, and has set up the commercialization of the PC is the main varieties of alloy. Because the PC/ABS alloy has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance and rigidity, good processing of liquidity, is an ideal material to make car dashboard.

high injection pressure will cause the demoulding difficulties, stress and stripping, so under the condition of can keep a good shape, try not to improve the injection pressure. Modification of PC control the injection pressure is generally 50 - 80 mpa. Can be used to make the car dashboard modified PC and PC/PBT alloy, PC/PET alloy, PC/SMAH alloy. PC/PBT alloy and PC/PET alloy has the high heat resistance and high impact of PC, PBT and PET chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and molding processability, is an ideal material to manufacture automobile fittings outside.

PC/ABS alloy thermal deformation temperature is 110 - 135 ℃, can completely satisfy the tropical countries hot summer, noon car parked outdoors heating requirements. PC/ABS alloy with good coating and adhesive for cladding, therefore made of PC/ABS alloy dashboards need for surface pretreatment, can be directly soft painting or coating of PVC membrane. PC/ABS alloy is also used to make car dashboard surrounding parts, auto parts, such as door handle.

PC/PBT, bumper - resistant Below 30 ℃ low temperature impact, bumper at fracture to ductile fracture without fragments. PC/PBT alloy and PC/PET alloy injection molding pieces can be painted outside. PC/PET alloy automobile pipe outlet can be made up and take photos. PC/ABS alloy can make car fittings, it has good formability, machinable large parts, such as car fenders.

injection pressure is the types of injection molding machine, injection molding processing shape and size of parts. High injection pressure, melt viscosity is small, easy to fill. For the PC and the crystallization of polymer blend alloys, such as PC/PET alloy, injection pressure low temperature toughness of alloy have a significant impact. High injection pressure, injection rate is high, the products of molecular orientation degree is high, and so on and the melt flow on the direction of equality, products of high impact toughness.

PC/ABS alloy after adding modifier, electrical parts can meet the required heat resistance, electric properties, mechanical properties, flame retardant performance requirements, to fit the needs of different electrical components. PC/ABS alloy can be used for making safety switch, high-voltage electrical bolt, camera shell, etc. PC/PS alloy has good hydrolysis resistance and heat resistance, and can be used in the manufacture of washing machine inside the barrel. PC/PET alloy can be used for electric switch, relay card to use the coil skeleton and instrument industry and so on.

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