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The application of modified polyester

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Modified PET on the mechanical properties compared with PBT, has some advantages, such as modified PET than modified PBT, high rigidity, its heat resistance is better than modified PBT, PET's price is low, in particular, has a large market competitiveness. As the improvement of PET crystallization properties, injection molding processing performance, the application prospect of the PET is very promising. Due to the miniaturization of electronic equipment development more and more high to the requirement of high polymer material, in addition to the requirements of strength, flame resistance, also requires heat-resistance, electromagnetic shielding, antistatic and some special functions.

in the 1990 s, the modified polyester is mainly used in electronics, electrical equipment, on the varieties, mainly is flame retardant reinforced PBT, along with the development of the modification technology, especially the development of automobile, electron industry, modified polyester in varieties, application field appeared on the new changes. Widely used in the output transformer skeleton, ignition coil and electrical industries of igniter, etc. PBT/ASA has low warp, good appearance, good tracking resistance and the characteristics of low density, can be used for electrical relays, switches, etc.

the polymer melt intercalation method is the organic montmorillonite with PET/PBT melt blending. Adopt double screw blending extrusion, in the process of molten blending extrusion, montmorillonite layers between the organic polar groups with PET and PBT ester exchange reaction, so that the montmorillonite can be spread in thin sheet in polyester. Preparation of polyester layered nanocomposites, the organic montmorillonite is very important, intercalating agent selection is critical.

in the case of a higher relative humidity, very damp, caused by wet plastic is reduced, and the electrical contact point easy to cause corrosion, often can use modified PBT, under 80 ℃, 90% relative humidity, PBT, still can normal use, and the effect is very good. PBT series alloy has a PBT/PET, PBT/PC, PBT/ABS, etc. Modification of PBT/PET resin has high strength, good rigidity, high heat distortion temperature and low price, available for the steering wheel in the auto industry fittings, mirrors, etc.

flame retardant, antistatic, flame retardant PBT, PET is widely used as a connector of the electronic equipment, such as computer connectors, electrical transformer coil skeleton, air switch, circuit breaker skeleton parts. PBT, PET alloy with good comprehensive performance, low price and good low-temperature impact characteristics, can be used for auto parts, household appliances shell is installed inside, electronic electrical and instrumentation parts, etc. PBT, excellent electric properties, glass fiber reinforced after the heat deformation temperature can reach 220 ℃, after adding flame retardant, has excellent flame retardant grade can be developed.

as a result of modified polyester with excellent mechanical properties, high heat resistance, excellent electrical insulation, and injection molding processing formability, widely used in automotive, electronics, packaging and other industries. Modified polyester main application products are reinforced polyester in the car, flame retardant reinforced polyester and polyester alloy. In the field of automobile manufacturing, PBT, widely used in the manufacture of bumpers, carburetor parts, fender, etc. PBT, and strengthen the PA, PC, POM in the auto industry is very competitive, PA easy water absorption, heat resistance than PBT, PC, in terms of connecting pipe for car use, because of PBT, water imbibition is better than that of PA, will gradually replace the PA.

intercalated polymerization can be divided into two steps: the first step is to organic montmorillonite, and the ions and organic amine alkali metal cation exchange reaction between the montmorillonite layers, the ion exchange reaction can expand the inter-layer space of montmorillonite. The second step is to polycondensation reaction, adding polycondensation monomers in proportion to the reactor, the mixed with organic layered montmorillonite, make its dispersion in the polymerization system, with the polycondensation reaction to form macromolecular, montmorillonite in nanoscale dispersion in polyester, pure PET polycondensation process and the preparation process is the same.

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