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The application of plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Cosmetics packaging is a traditional glass packaging market, but in recent years, with the glass the same texture of plastics processing and packaging, with its good cracking resistance, compared to the glass packaging rich color effect and convenient processing performance, is quietly into the high-end cosmetics market. According to the global cosmetics industry report, global gross $11 billion perfume and personal care products will continue to be made of glass packaging to use plastic packaging.

actually present in the majority of people in front of plastic products, is only a small part of the colorful world of the plastic, on the whole social progress and national economic development is more significant, plastic has become an indispensable materials into all areas of the industrial sector such as machinery, textile, building materials, infrastructure, electronic appliances, packaging materials, transportation, agriculture, water conservancy, environmental protection products, etc. Such as atomic energy, aerospace, nuclear power plants that high technology fields, plastic also plays a more and more important role.

plastic containers, including various bottles, cans, barrels, boxes, cup and turnover box, etc. , is the most important applications as food, cosmetics, chemicals and packaging materials. Food packaging is plastic packaging industry in the early, is now applied many packaging category. In 2005 the United States food packaging, plastic containers (29%), mainly used in drinks, jam, dairy products, wine, etc. For PET bottle beverage packaging container has great market demand. Account for more than 60% of the whole beverage packaging industry market, including about 70% 95% of bottled water, carbonated drinks, more than 50% of the juice drinks, the market will further expand in the future.

material industry development and engineering application of the relationship is a kind of benign interaction. On the one hand, the application of new materials to promote the technology progress and economic development in the field of engineering related. On the other hand, the problems in engineering application and material industry continuously put forward new task, keeps material industry technology innovation, better adapt to and meet the need of engineering application. Plastic industry is also experienced such a development. At present has plastic and steel, wood, cement and material become the four pillars of the national economy.

plastic into the packaging has a history of nearly 100 years, but in most countries used is suitable for after the second world war. Since the 1970 s, plastic packaging materials in packaging rapid rise, its development much faster than the traditional packaging materials, and since then has maintained high growth. The rapid growth of the plastic packaging material benefit from it a series of advantages for more and more people know. Plastic has become an important packaging materials such as consumption only. Plastic packaging production accounted for about 31% of the world's packaging industry output value.

many people from daily life come into contact with the plastic and the plastic has a certain understanding. Casually walked into a store, when we face the colorful plastic packaging container, high-end elegant household appliances, daily necessities of full of beautiful things in life and plastic toys, no one can deny the plastic has entered our lives, plastic processing products is almost irresistible power increasingly rich change and modern way of life.

due to the rapid development of plastic packaging, packaging has become the largest application fields of plastic. According to statistics, countries all over the world with an average of 35% of the plastic used in the packaging. In some European countries, the proportion is as high as 40% above. Plastics used for packaging mainly has three forms: film, containers, and in order to protect the products, resist impact and heat insulation packaging for the purpose of foam packaging. Has dosage calculation, film consumption ranked first, but the container exceptionally rapid development, consumption accounts for about 30% of the plastic packaging materials.

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