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The application of plastics in automobile industry

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Material is the material base of product design. The applicability of the materials for product designers, design is embodied in many aspects. The basic property of injection molding processing materials and can select range. Basic physical properties, including physical, electrical, etc. Material specifications, wide range of physical properties, more selectivity of materials is larger, so that the final choice of materials, the fabric performance greatly meet the requirements of product to use a function.

modern transportation, including cars, trains, subways, ships, aircraft, and all that is associated with plastic, and the relationship between automobile and plastic particularly close. Automotive plastics research began in the 1950 s, 60 s with a small amount of commercialized products production. After 70 s, because the two world oil crisis, automotive chienchung energy increasingly urgent demands, so as to promote the development of the automotive plastics. After years of efforts, has achieved positive results in the development and applications, is widely used since the early 1990 s. For future car development goals will be focused more on reducing fuel consumption, save resources and energy saving, reduce harmful substances emissions, protect the environment, and improve security.

good chemical corrosion resistance, prolong service life, and made into a plastic body, strong corrosion resistance than steel body. Plastic into a bus, compared to the same specifications of the common bus, is not only a 43% reduction in weight, save fuel 25% 35%, but also can prolong the service life of the two. 5 times. If that is available to a car changed the world, and now the world is changing cars, automobile industry will face a big change. Auto materials of plastic will be the main trend of future development.

in recent years, the plastic material usage showed a trend of substantial increase in the car. Currently used in the car's inner decoration, decoration, function and other parts as many as 2000 pieces of plastic parts, involves more than 30 kinds of variety of plastic, plastic average usage on each car has account for more than 10% of vehicle weight. Germany is to use auto plastic parts, many countries, accounting for 22% of the car supplies. The car has gradually become the protagonist of plastic consumption. In some developed countries, the dosage of plastic accounts for over 10% of the country's total plastic consumption.

auto plastic get such rapid development, because the plastic compared with the traditional automotive materials, has many advantages. With plastic instead of steel, not only can reduce weight, save energy, reduce exhaust emissions, and have higher modelling freedom on the design, can improve the function and value under the premise of the manufacturing costs to a minimum. Can reduce accident crash at the time of the casualty rate, improve security. If use plastic bumper, can effectively absorb the impact energy, and make it fast attenuation in an instant into the human body can withstand the biomechanics of upper limit, protect drivers and passengers from harm.

the modern high-tech combines the advantages of plastic base material, established the plastic in electrical and electronic products irreplaceable role and status, according to relevant data, no plastic, the main electrical appliances working life will be reduced 50%, 25% more expensive prices, electricity consumed 30% more. Based on the flexible thin film layer of conductive plastics and plastic electronic products will completely change the face of the world electronics industry. Injection molding process has a broad market prospect in the field of electronic appliances.

the use of plastic foam inner decoration, not only greatly increase the shock resistance, and have heat preservation effect, and can improve occupant comfort. Belongs to damping materials can reduce the noise, plastic, can make the received the shock and vibration attenuation to the low degree soon. Some important parts, such as fan blade, a transmission axis, a driving rod, brake, plastic can have the effect of sound-absorbing sound attenuation.

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