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The bottle filling related issues

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Bottle and bottle caps, also can choose the threaded fastener type structure. At this time, cooperate with the bottleneck of cap to promote type bottle caps, by injection molding processing materials with resilience, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. Bottleneck part design, in addition to fully consider the good coordination with bottle caps, for packing materials requiring drug class of moistureproof, often in the bottle mouth department adopts aluminum foil gasket, electromagnetic induction sealing to seal resistance wet effect is greatly enhanced, thus ensuring drug metamorphic period of validity will not be affected with damp be affected with damp.

plastic bottles containing carbonated drinks, generally do not select the rectangular cross section of the bottle, this is because the size and the height of the same case, the surface area of the rectangular section bottle is cylindrical cross section 1 bottle. Additional surface area, 128 times more containers, although not increase the total weight of the bottle, but led to the decrease of the thickness per unit volume, thus affecting CO2 saturation in the bottle. Capacity design for considering the use of the product, consumer spending habits, consumption object, as well as the preservation period of time consumption.

because of the resistance properties of the plastic bottle after encapsulation, air-tightness depends largely on the bottle and cap to cooperate in twisting torsion under the tightness, therefore, the shape of the thread should be strictly in accordance with the relevant standards to select and size. The bottle parison with injection molding, there are also adopting extrusion molding. Using injection molding, blow the parison, bottleneck changes no longer, because of the high precision of the size and shape of the screw thread, the neck cylinder wall is smooth, the neck is thick, the thickness of the generally greater than the thickness of the bottle, can withstand the stress of gland, and the neck of the extrusion blow molding, the precision is relatively poor, the thread of the wall changes over the outer wall thread, when these are threaded design should consider some of the technological factors.

role is mouth filling, dumping, bottle and cap seal protective cooperate with content. Therefore, the design of the bottle or bottleneck is an important part in the design of the bottle. The bottleneck part of the design including the determination of bottle diameter bottleneck location choice, bottleneck thread design and other additional features. Bottle diameter should be compatible with the size of the bottle, at the same time, want to consider packaging form, a usage, as well as the packing, the size of the individual.

diameter is too small is obviously not easy filling and dumping. Bottle diameter greater than 40 mm called jar, the jar is suitable for alcohol, drugs, honey, such as nuts, peanuts, cream packaging. Bottleneck position the central position of the majority in the bottles, but there are also the bottleneck on one side of the bottle, the so-called partial flask common in oil, lubricating oil, or chemicals such as packaging. In some cases, partial flask might be more easily than bottlenecks in the middle of plastic bottles for dumping, without liquid bottle, dripped on the outside of the body.

the bottle surface shape is cylindrical, either the oval, flat shape, such as shape, bottle of abdominal or summon or concave. Most of the form is single, but also can be a combination of two or more than two kinds of form, but the latter will increase injection molding processing difficulty. For hot filling bottles, built-in cooling process, can produce a partial vacuum bottles, make can't resist the internal pressure of the surface of the cylindrical bottles have indentation, and use of elliptical cross section bottle shape can make the contraction deformation is not so obvious. Of course also can improve bottles of the structural design of rigid, avoid deformation.

design of parts of the bottleneck and bottle with screw thread, cross section is commonly semicircle or trapezoidal thread. Semicircle thread easy to tighten and loosen, bottle caps tighten role stress is the smallest. Commonly used semicircle thread, according to the need to design a ring thread turns one and a half circle, two circles. In does not affect the use of case, the thread can be designed into 1/2 circle or 1/4 turn off, not continuous.

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