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The calculation of injection molding processing mould cooling system

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
, when opening a cooling water channel is limited by the structure of the mold on various hole, so the design according to the ideal situation is difficult, in addition, the cooling water channel of the import and export joint plane is not higher than that of injection molding processing factory mold appearance as far as possible, that is to be embedded within the template, in order to avoid mold damage in transit. According to the shape of the parts and the required cooling temperature, cooling circuit can be divided into straight-through, circular type, multistage type, spiral type, diaphragm type, and other forms, in most cases, these styles can be cooperate with each other, constitute a cooling circuit.

ignore mold convection and thermal radiation and heat coming from the injection molding machine contact, and assuming plastic inside the mold all the heat released by the cooling medium away, when the mould cooling of the cooling medium volume flow can be calculated. After the volume flow of cooling medium, can according to the cooling medium under a state of turbulent flow and channel the relationship of the diameter of the mould cooling pipe diameter. In the precision mold, cooling water, the entrance to the temperature difference is not more than 2 ℃.

to the parts of different form, arrangement of the cooling water channel is also different. The design of cooling passage also consider parts of the wall thickness. Wall thickness, the greater the parts, the longer the cooling time required. Cooling water channel to avoid close to the weld mark parts of the parts, in order to avoid welding not firm, impact strength. The location of the inlet and outlet water connection within the same side of the mould as soon as possible. For does not affect the operation, usually should be located in the back of the injection molding machine. Water connection with automatic seal joint, in order to make sure the cooling channels don't leak, prevent caused by markings on the parts.

cooling hole spacing, namely the cooling hole quantity, great influence on mold cooling effect. Cooling pipe too much distance between the cavity wall cooling efficiency drops, and the distance size will cause uneven cooling. The dimension from the centerline of the general cooling pipes and the cavity wall should be 1 - the diameter of the cooling pipes 2 times, cooling pipe center distance for 3 - the diameter of the pipe 5 times. When the wall thickness uniformity of fabrication, cooling medium and distance on the surface of the cavity should be equal everywhere, the arrangement of the hole and cavity shape to fit as much as possible.

when the uneven thickness of parts, should strengthen the cooling wall thickness, hole should be close to the cavity, the distance is smaller, but not less than 10 mm. Generally when molten plastic filling cavity, near the gate of the highest temperature, the farther away from the gate, the lower the temperature. So near the gate should strengthen the cooling, here should be as the entry of the cooling water, and on the outside of low temperature of mould you just need to through the warm water after heat exchange.

plastic thermal performance has a significant influence on the cooling time. Most of the plastic thermal conductivity is very low, but it can be improved by adding fillers. Parts inside the mold cooling time, usually is refers to the plastic melt from full of cavity mould opening can remove parts check this period of time. Can open mold to take out the standard parts, often in parts has been fully cured, and has certain strength and stiffness.

into the water and the water temperature difference is too big, will lead to uneven distribution of injection molding products processing and mould temperature, especially for process long large parts, the lower the temperature, the flow. To make the whole cooling rate is roughly same, besides shortening cooling circuit, also can change the arrangement form of the cooling channels. Combined with the characteristics of plastic and the structure of the parts, reasonable arrangement of cooling water channel, for large parts should be along its contraction direction to open the cooling channels.

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