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The cantilever beam section

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In shaft shell assembly molding processing parts, a hard material production of fastener parts, assembly and disassembly forces can be very high. So in general, if the axle shells for the same material, should use flexible materials. If the quality of a material is not the same, the fittings of one party use relatively good materials, good flexible, elastic, and paired with the fittings can take a relatively rigid material, in this case, using the flexible material is usually the choice of shell, and shaft choose rigid material.

flange height decides the cantilever retaining and release when the extent of the beam deflection. Beam allows the degree of deviation can be obtained through the calculation of formula, it not only depends on the geometry of a beam, the size of the beam parameters, at the same time also depends on the selection of plastic strain value without the permission of the size. Determining the flange height, it can be set to maximum allowable deflection of the beam. As a general rule, when the length of the beam beam close to 10 times thicker than the root, the height should be the thickness of the beam, such as the root.

if needed for tripping force close to the beam of the tensile strength, when you try to trip, are likely to break. Likewise when the beam cross section is too small and can't afford to have propulsion or release force, beam can also lead to permanent deformation or damage. From the assembly point of view, low propulsion for assembly, while higher release force to ensure that the work reliability of fastener connection. The annular hasp parts used to assemble rotating symmetry.

the greater the Angle, the greater the force needed for the trip, when the Angle is akin to 90 & deg; Buckles for self-locking, this clasp is called one-way buckles. One-way buckles need artificial deflection can be effectively separated. Usually used for permanent joint, namely the demountable design. For buckles often need to assembly and disassembly, choose the smaller Angle value, generally take 35 & deg; More appropriate. In the fastener connection, general release Angle than bite Angle, in order to achieve the goal of difficult to release. If the buckles off too easily, also cannot become a reliable connection.

some commercial computer software will be able to connect to clasp is presented to solve some technical parameters accurately. Plastic can be short-term allow dependent variable by stress Strain curve. Usually, for part of the crystalline plastics, such as polyamide, should allow its variables can achieve that corresponds to the yield point, and for an amorphous plastics, is the maximum of 70% of the yield strain, glass fiber reinforced plastic generally have no obvious yield point. Half of the elongation at break out the difference.

the longer the deformation of the beam can bear larger assembly flexibility is good, but maintain ability is poor. As a reference, the length of the beam should be at least 5 times the root thickness of beam, limit is 10 times. For hard and brittle plastic injection tooling, larger is recommended for the length and thickness ratio. The strength of the beam can be improved by increasing the width of the beam, but the assembly force also increases accordingly. Although the width of the tapered beam can also reduce strain at root of beam, but not as good as the thickness of tapered beam is so effective, so most of the beam width from roots to ends, its width values can be approximately half of small beam length.

if the fastener design, including flange height, size has been preliminarily set, can also use the deflection formula allowed should be variable. And compared with the known material should allow variables, to verify whether the size of the design in the range of safety design, of course, the final validation must also be combined with terminal test was used to determine. The bending stress is inversely proportional to the length of the size and structure of the wall, is proportional to the hook wall cross section modulus.

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