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The characteristics and the classification and principle of PVC extrusion

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PVC extrusion is made from PVC epoxy resin and various additives after high temperature extrusion formation of the industrial production of PVC products. According to the features can be divided into hard and RuanSu 2 kinds.
rigidity PVC profile in use in the building construction, such as PVC, PVC doors and Windows, PVC flooring, PVC pipes, etc.

added additives PVC profile with ageing resistance, uv protection, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, low prices, good heat insulation and fireproof performance, part can replace aluminum, stainless steel plate, such as environmental pollution is less than aluminum profile.

PVC extrusion of belonging and a by the non circular cross section type extrusion plastic products, can be said to plastic as key special-shaped material, besides round and square, plate, PVC profiles, also has the corrugated board, groove, and T these widespread use in decoration and furniture manufacturing industry. Profiles are mostly using PVC as a raw material of epoxy resin, then adding different additives and their interaction with agent, then according to the extrusion process of production and processing the appearance of the cross section of relativity multifarious a extrusion products. :

extrusion forming nickname flame retardant plastic forming, the key to proper thermosetting plastic forming, and the right part of the liquidity good thermosetting plastic and forming of elastomer materials. Its forming process is using the spinning extruder screw, will be heating molten thermosetting plastic raw materials, from have the engine out of cross section appearance required, then shaped by setting, again according to the cooling tower, cold hard dry solid into the cross section of the goods.

processing features:
1, machinery and equipment, low cost;
2, the actual operation process simple and easy, processing technology is very easy to manipulate, make for continuous automatic production;
3, production efficiency; Product quality symmetry, high density;
4, according to the changes start tools and mouth can be forming various cross-sectional kinds of products or semi-finished products processing.

products industry in the design, extrusion forming with strong acceptability. Types of the extrusion molding product pipe trough, plastic film, bar, wire drawing, flat belt, mesh, hollow ware, window, door frame, board, cable insulation, wire drawing and other profiles etc.
extrusion cross-sectional said although is very complex, but due to very easy to forming production of plastic processing, as long as the stamping tool effectively, it can be a forming extrusion forming way, in turn, get products, the quality of the goods is relatively high, production efficiency is higher. Extrusion in accordance with the levels in order to develop the difference between hard and soft, can be divided into RuanSu profiles and its rigid profiles. If plastic types classified according to the words can be divided into: extruding PVC profile and ABS, PE profiles etc, most of it is full of PVC profile. According to the characteristics of the cross section is, can be divided into different steel and hollow profiles, lie between plug type profiles and open type profiles, segmental abnormal and embedded profiles, solid core profiles these seven types.
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