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The characteristics of flame retardant nylon

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Heat resistance change and bromine series flame retardant nylon heat resistance than pure nylon fell. Of course, equipped with appropriate antioxidant can make up for the defects. Moreover in the process of forming, as far as possible, decrease the temperature of the injection molding processing, avoid hot oxygen aging materials. Nylon is a good insulating material, widely used in electric, electrical equipment parts, at the same time as a result of nylon high mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance, resistance to friction characteristic, in the application of mining machinery and electrical equipment more and more.

conductive materials mainly include carbon black, carbon fiber, metal powder, whisker four categories. These conductive material blend with nylon can not only give excellent antistatic properties, but also enhance, electromagnetic shielding, resistance to ultraviolet aging, and other functions. Conductive material can be used alone, also can be used with organic composite antistatic agent. Made of antistatic nylon used in mines not only, still can be used in electronic, computer, aviation equipment, office equipment, computer room floor on antistatic demanding field.

the nylon used for mining machinery to extend the life of equipment, reduce equipment maintenance costs, save the plan to stop time, improve the production efficiency, but in nylon and other polymer materials, and other materials friction, collision, easy to produce static electricity. Static electricity can cause fire, explosion and fire, cause person casualties and economic losses. To eliminate the safety hidden danger of static electricity is to reduce the surface of the nylon resistance, improve the antistatic performance.

nylon meet anti-static requirements, the main ways to improve the antistatic performance of nylon is added in the nylon antistatic agent, conductive filler and conductive polymer materials. According to different purposes, the composition and properties of the antistatic PA requirements are different, such as mining machinery parts, high strength, antistatic, while mine electrical components required antistatic properties. In fact is antistatic grade requirements also change according to the use of different occasions.

when designing antistatic PA formula, should be used according to the requirement to select antistatic agent and dosage, selection of appropriate blending conditions, should also consider the interaction between a variety of additives and the performance of the material. Antistatic PA is very important functional polymer materials, focusing on application field is mining machinery, electrical equipment, electronic equipment parts, textile machinery parts, etc.

antistatic agent in fact is a kind of surfactant or water-soluble polymer. Usually, according to the ionization hydrophilic group in the antistatic agent molecules can be divided into ionic and nonionic. In the ionic is divided into cationic and anionic. Water-soluble polymer antistatic agent has durable antistatic effect, known as permanent antistatic agent. A wide variety of antistatic agent, suitable for use in nylon with polyether, permanent antistatic agent, nonionic type and high polymer antistatic agent, as well as the conductive material.

processing liquidity has improved, because of the added to improve the nylon injection molding processing and processing of low molecular compounds liquidity has certain positive role. Especially in the case of adding the appropriate dispersion, the material liquidity improved greatly, it is worth mentioning nitrogen flame retarding nylon special good liquidity. Friction resistance drop, after adding flame retardants, can make the friction resistance of nylon, so generally not suitable for wear resistant material used as flame retardant nylon.

in the nylon resin, adding flame retardants, better solved the limitation of burning nylon, expand the application in electrical, electronics, electrical appliances industry. Says from the performance characteristics, flame retardant nylon with pure nylon or distinguishing. Mechanical properties of general decline, whether to add what kind of effect on mechanical properties of flame retardant nylon, but red phosphorus and nitrogen flame retardant nylon is relatively better. For used as structural components, flame retardant reinforced nylon can meet the demand.

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