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The characteristics of superfine mineral filler

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Mineral filler have been applied in more than 20 species of plastic resin. In general, most of the resin in the natural state is of no use, must be approved by mixing plastic compound formation, the mineral filler is prone to join the resin in the form of a polymer. Join resin to form good plastic compound raw material including additive, filler or reinforcement and other polymers. But only some types of plastic is associated with mineral filler, it is also part of the plastic market supply and demand of industrial minerals.

for the three components of plastic, synthetic resin is the main part of the plastic, determines the basic properties of plastic. For different types of plastics, different dosage of mineral filler matrix. Plastic type, performance, composition, the mineral filler type, dosage, adding method and the nature of the packing requirement is different, especially the size and shape, should be used according to the plastic products purpose and performance requirements and selection, reasonable definition to share. Mineral filler content is 80%, also have no mineral filler injection molding products processing, and its cost saving benefit is very considerable. So try to improve the dosage of mineral filler in plastics technology, will be one of the plastics industry in the future a period of time chasing goals.

minerals mainly mixed with plastic in three ways, namely the inert filler to reduce costs, change the performance of the incremental filler and reinforcing filler. As the first kind of mineral filler to reduce costs, the amount under the condition of does not affect the performance of the product should be as large as possible. Incremental type mineral filler are commonly used to reduce the cost and improve the density, or replace some expensive additives.

when using filling agent and strengthening agent, must consider many problems: 1. Particle size distribution. 2. In the filler surface possible catalytic activity. 3. Evenly dispersed and with plastic matrix is built. 4. The role of wear filler in plastics processing machinery. 5. Composite performance and cost. 6. Industrial safety problems caused by the dust.

mineral filler in plastics are a lot of aspects play a role, almost may influence on the performance of the plastic product design, and the whole process of the production process. The mineral filler obvious changes have taken place in the work center of gravity, that is, from the earlier type to reduce costs to improve product performance change, make the functional filler mineral itself, with lower cost and the dual role of directional modification effect.

choosing mineral filler, need to consider many factors. Mineral properties affect the performance of plastic products are various, such as mineral particle morphology, particle size, specific surface area, chemical composition and process properties have influence, its effect is more complex, some adverse factors on the properties of plastic directional improvement. Comprehensive advantages of combination packing can play several kinds of mineral filler, so to improve the performance of mixing mineral filler is often used in plastic.

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