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The characteristics of the mold gate injection molding plant

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
For large projection area of injection molding processing and easy to deformation of parts, parts should use more gate, to reduce the warp deformation. Point gate especially suitable for the apparent viscosity with the increase of shear rate and the decrease of plastics. Double entry gate is suitable for large parts of unfavorable feed middle and more than one module, gate manufacture is convenient, but remove the gate when the easy damage parts, gate is easy to wear and tear, flow resistance is bigger, is only applicable to small batch production of parts and liquid product.

restrictive gate between cavity and distributary channel USES a distance is very short, connected to the channel of the cross-sectional area is small, this channel is called restrictive gate and its thickness and rapid solidification on gate can be limited. Plastic melt through the gate, the shear rate of big, causes the melt apparent viscosity decreases, is advantageous to the mold filling flow. Plastic melt through the gate, friction effect, part of the kinetic energy is converted into heat energy, make the melt temperature increased slightly, thus increasing the melt fluidity.

point gate open mold gate can automatically snap, is advantageous to the automation; Gate near the loading caused by the stress is small, but for thin wall parts due to high shear rate, molecule highly directional local stress, and even cracking. To improve this situation, under the premise that does not affect the use, can increase the gate at the local wall thickness parts, with circular arc transition. The disadvantage is that the pressure loss is big, mold must adopt three plate structure, lead to the mould structure is complex, parting institutions need to adopt order, but can still be used in no runner mould junior type mold structure.

plastic melt through the restrictive gate, the pressure loss is big, reduce the cavity pressure, is advantageous to the mold locking. Gate in the cross section size is small, easy to melt solidification, the loading time is easy to control, reduce the internal stress caused by filling material for a long time. The gate size is small, closed fast frozen, can shorten the molding cycle. For more than a mold cavity or adopt more gate mould, due to its resistance is big, easy to realize the balance of each gate in the feed.

restrictive gate form, the commonly used a bit of a gate, the latent type gate, side gate, superimposed gate, fan gate, flat seam gate, disc gate, round ring gate, hub-and-spoke earmuffs gate and claw gate, sprue and so on more than 10 kinds. Some determined according to the shape of the parts, some on the basis of the performance of the plastic. According to the location of the gate, and have sometimes impact type gate and the impact of type gate said.

a nonrestrictive gate delivers good pressure, pressure feeding effect is strong, the mould structure simple and compact, easy fabrication, etc. But remove the gate is difficult, obvious effect of the gate. Heat concentration near the gate, the cooling slow, easy to generate large internal stress, also produce shrinkage or surface sag. It is especially suitable for large parts, wall thickness and particularly high melt viscosity of the plastic parts of varieties of molding.

impact type gate is refers to the open position is opposite the distance is close to the surface of the cavity and core of the gate, and thus reduce the melt flow rate and transform its flow, in order to avoid the melt fracture and can make it even with cavity. Point gate is also called the olive shape runner or gate of diamond, is a small circular runner section size. Point gate is characterized by: small gate location limit, remove the gate after small residual trace, does not affect the injection tooling parts appearance.

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