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The choice of the push rod location

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
With a square pin core fixed on the supporting plate, in the form of ejector sleeve position in the party pin have long groove along the axial direction. Launched for prescribing pin, long slot under the pin should be greater than the length of the launch distance, ejector pin and pin with the H8 / f7 - H8/f8。 Due to the side pin fixed core strength is weak, is not suitable for the injection molding processing core of force major. Core on the moving mould plate with screws, ejector sleeve, slide in the dynamic template form, core and ejector sleeve is short, suitable for dynamic template thickness is larger. When due to launch distance by increasing the thickness of the dynamic template to meet the requirement of the work on this, using this kind of structure is obviously not economic.

working parts of push rod and push rod holes template or cores with H8 / f7 - is often used H8 / f8 clearance fit, depending on the size of the push rod diameter and different varieties of plastic. Push rod materials commonly used carbon tool steel T8A and T10A or 65 mn spring steel, etc. , the former hardness for 50 - heat treatment requirements 54 HRC, the latter of the hardness of 46 - heat treatment requirements 50 HRC, homemade putter often USES the former, and sold on the market of the push rod standard parts in the majority with the latter. The roughness of the push rod end with some work generally take 0. 8um。

the ejector sleeve contact throughout the surrounding plastic parts, so to launch the power of the plastic parts evenly, plastic parts is not easy to deformation, also won't be left clear traces. Ejector sleeve launch institutions by the three main structure form, the core is fixed on the moving mould plate, tiny core should be behind the moving mould plate local open blind hole plate is fixed, the structure form of core is longer, but the structure is reliable, applicable to launch distance not big occasions.

the location of the push rod should choose where the biggest stripping resistance. Plastic parts around the biggest package of core force, can be set up near the parts inside of the push rod, if plastics depth is larger, should also be set in the end of the plastic parts putter. Some plastic parts in the core or cavity is deep and draft a small bump, due to the reason of shrinkage stress will produce larger ejection resistance, there must be set putter. Push rod location choice, should be paid attention to when parts of demoulding force of uniform arrangement, and at the same time to ensure that the uniform stress, when the plastic parts launch launch smoothly and plastic deformation.

push rod location should be paid attention to when the choice itself strength and stiffness, especially the thin wall plastic parts, should as far as possible the place such as the choice of wall thickness and the flange, otherwise it's easy to make plastic deformation or damage. When necessary, can through enlarging the area of the push rod, lower parts per unit area were introduced. Push rod location choice rigid, putting itself should also be considered when the slender rod is larger ejection force, will push rod buckling deformation, this is we must increase the diameter of the push rod or increase the number of the push rod.

the top disc push rod is also called the cone push rod, its processing is difficult, with other push rod assembly is different, need to be driven model cavity insert, end on the push rod fixed plate with screws, suitable for deep cylinder injection molding product launch. Push rod working face shape is the most commonly used is round, the second is rectangle. Push rod working face shape choice is according to the different characteristics of different parts and determine. But, no matter what kind of shape, when the design should be considered to have enough rigidity, to inherit the launch power, otherwise it may deformation during launch.

working face of push rod in moulding injection is part of the cavity bottom, push rod end if it is below or above the cavity bottom on the plastic parts will generate convex or concave marks, affect the use of plastic parts or beautiful, therefore, usually after putting into mold, the face should be with the cavity bottom level or higher cavity 0. 05 - 0. 1mm。 Push pipe is a hollow push rod, it is suitable for ring, cylindrical plastic parts or with hole part of the plastic parts are introduced.

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