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The classification of plastic mold

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Using artificial method of synthetic resin, synthetic resin, injection molding products processing is commonly used by people as the main raw material made of synthetic resin. Resin belong to polymers, hereinafter referred to as polymers or polymer. Polymer polymer containing a lot of atomic number, relative molecular mass is very high, is a very long giant molecules, because of this, that makes the performance of the polymer in thermodynamics, rheological properties, forming process of the flow behavior and the physical and chemical change of has his own characteristics.

thermosetting plastic injection molding are also gradually increase, injection molding molding parts of complex shape and have the characteristics of high efficiency, a large proportion in the production of plastic accessories. Also known as mold, compression mold is 圧 shrinkage molding plastic parts molding method in the early adoption of a method, the preheating of plastic raw materials directly in a heated mold cavity, punch downward movement, under the action of heat and pressure, was plastic molten and fills the cavity, and then curing. 圧 shrinkage model more used for thermosetting plastic molding parts, but the molding cycle is long, low production efficiency.

in shaping individual deep, under the condition of complex shape parts, there are also at the same time, adopt the method of compressed air and vacuum forming. Vacuum forming and molding the compressed air is the use of molded plastic sheet for the production of plastic parts, therefore belongs to secondary molding plastic parts. The main components of the plastic is resin, resin can be divided into natural resin and synthetic resin. , shellac, etc are natural rosin resin, its characteristic is no obvious melting point, soften after heating, can be dissolved in solvent and insoluble in water, etc.

pressure injection molding is also known as transfer mold, pressure injection molding loading chamber and the cavity is connected by pouring coefficient, via pressure column or plunger will indoor heated plasticizing molten thermosetting plastics by pouring system pressure into the heated closed cavity, the curing finalize the design. Injection mold is mainly used for thermosetting plastic molding parts. Extrusion molding is the use of extruder screw rotation within the cylinder pressure, continuous was of good plasticizing molten material out from the cylinder, through specific section in the shape of the nose mouth shape and with the aid of the traction device to pull extrusion plastic parts evenly, after heating at the same time, get the cross section shape consistent continuous profiles.

pneumatic moulding is refers to the use of gas as dynamic molding plastic mould parts. Pneumatic molding die including blow molding die, vacuum forming die with compressed air molding die, etc. Hollow blow molding is injected the extruder extrusion or injection machine is molten state of parison placed inside the cavity of closed, and then to the compressed air for its internal access, make its swelling and close to the mold cavity wall, table after cooling to finalize the design became a certain shape and size precision of the hollow plastic containers.

injection mould is also known as injection mold. Plastic injection molding is developed on the basis of the principle of metal die-casting molding. First adding granular or powder of plastic raw materials into the material barrel of injection machine, the heat melt into a viscous flow, and then under the impetus of the screw or plunger, molten plastic through the cylinder at a certain velocity nozzle into the front of the closed in the mold cavity, after a certain pressure, the plastic inside the mold cooling, hardening, finalize the design, then open the mold, the mold from molding injection molding processing. Injection mould is mainly used for thermoplastic plastic molding.

vacuum forming is the heated plastic sheet on the surface of the mold cavity, and then within a closed cavity formed between the two pumping air into vacuum state, under the action of atmospheric pressure occurred plastic deformation of sheet to become plastic parts in the mold cavity surface forming method, molding is the use of compressed air, compressed air to soften heating plastic sheet of plastic deformation and close to become a plastic forming method in the mold surface.

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