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The classification of the compression mould

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
When injection molding processing complicated shape, punch and feed chamber can be peripheral fitting surface shape simplified, thus reducing the machining difficulty, therefore is widely used in production. Half the overflow type compression mode is suitable for compression liquidity good plastic parts and shape more complex parts, with extrusion edge, not suitable for pressing with cloth or long fiber for packing plastic parts. The characteristics of the compression molding are combined or improved, also can be turned into other types of compression molding.

mould when closed compression stress is almost entirely on the plastic parts, therefore the high density of plastic parts and high strength. This type of mould is suitable for forming complex shape, high precision process of long, thin wall, deep cavity plastic parts, can also be poor liquidity, large volume of plastic forming parts, especially suitable for cotton cloth, glass fiber length fiber packing plastic parts. Not overflow type compression modulus less because of the plastic overflow, add SAP directly affect the size of the height of the plastic parts, so each mold material must be accurate weighing, otherwise parts size is not easy to guarantee.

press the sort is more, according to the transmission mode can be divided into mechanical press and hydraulic press, mechanical press with common form of a screw compressor, double crank lever type compressor, etc. Due to the pressure of the mechanical press is not accurate, large noise, easy to wear and tear, especially human power hand plate press machine, the intensity of labor is very big, so the mechanical press factory seldom used. Commonly used hydraulic press center energy storage station, using it to drive more pressure machine at the same time, the production scale is large is relatively good, but in recent years, in order to use fewer.

because punch and loading chamber wall friction, will inevitably will scratch feed chamber wall, at the same time, the introduction cavity plastic parts with scratch marks of loading chamber will damage plastic outer surface and demoulding is relatively difficult, so the stationary compression modulus has introduced mechanism in general. To avoid uneven loading, not excessive mold should not be commonly designed multi-cavity structure. Half the overflow type mold is equipped with feeding room above the cavity, the cross section size is greater than the cavity cross section size, both parting in a circular extrusion, its width is 4 - 5mm。

punch and charging chamber is clearance fit, the punch press squeeze the restrictions, so easy to ensure the plastic pieces of high dimensional accuracy. Punch runs around the overflow groove, excess plastic through the fit clearance or overflow tank. As a result, the mould is easy to operate, when feeding and shoes don't have to be strict control, simply measured by volume. Half overflow type compression mould both overflow and not excessive compression mould, the advantages of plastic pieces of the radial wall thickness accuracy of our size and height size is good, high density, die life is longer, plastics demoulding easy, plastic parts appearance will not be charging chamber scratches.

overflow type mould has simple structure, low cost, durable, plastic parts easy to remove. Besides can be used to launch institutions demoulding, usually can use compressed air to blow out the injection molding processing. This compression modulus on adding capacity of accuracy is not high, and shoes are generally only more than about 5% by weight of the plastic parts, preloading parison is commonly used for compression molding, it is suitable for compression liquid or with short fiber packing and accuracy is not high and the size of the small shallow cavity plastic parts.

don't overflow type compression modulus of feeding chamber in the upper cavity, the section shape and size and cavity are exactly the same, without extrusion. Because of punch and cavity there is a match between feeding, so plastic pieces of the radial wall thickness dimension precision is higher. Due to cooperate with the single side clearance of 0. 025 - 0. 075 mm, so the compression when only a small amount of parts out of the country, in the vertical direction to form a thin plastic axial flash, it is easy to remove its height should not be too large, when designing is not cooperate with some punch upper section can be designed to be small, the corresponding parts can also be concave die size increases gradually and form 15 & prime; - 20′ The cone.

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