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The classification of the injection molding machine

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding machine and injection machine and injection machine. It is the thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products mainly molding equipment. Divided into vertical, horizontal, full battery. Injection molding machine can heat the plastic injection molding processing, the molten plastic under pressure, injection and make it full of mold cavity. Injection molding machine are usually made of injection system, mold clamping system, hydraulic system, electrical control system, lubricating system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system, etc.

classified by way of plasticizing

1. Plunger type plastic injection moulding machine: it poorly mixed sex, plasticizing property is not good, should be equipped with spindle unit. Now rarely used.

2。 Reciprocating screw plastic injection moulding machine: rely on screw plasticization and injection, mixing and plasticizing are good, use up to now.

3。 Screw & ndash; — Plunger rely on plastic injection molding machine screw plasticization and rely on plunger for injection, two process to separate.

classified by way of clamping

1. Mechanical, 2. Hydraulic, 3. Hydraulic & ndash; — Mechanical

according to the size of the processing ability to injection machine classification, can be divided into: ( 1) Subminiature injection machine, 2) Small injection molding machine, 3) Medium-sized injection molding machine, 4) Large injection machine ( 5) Very large injection molding machine.

for the working principle of injection molding machine and injection syringe are similar, it is with the screw ( Or plunger) The thrust, will has good plasticizing molten state ( The viscous flow state) Plastic injection into the closed good cavity, after curing finalize the design the product process. Injection molding is a process of circulation, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative loading & ndash; The molten plasticizing & ndash; Injection pressure & ndash; Molding cooling & ndash; Rev pick-up. After take out the plastic mold closing again, for the next cycle.

injection system: the effect of the injection system is the most important part of injection molding machine, usually have a plunger type, screw, screw plastic injection plunger type three kind of main form. Is currently the most widely used screw type. Its action is, in a loop of the plastic injection machine, can within the prescribed period of time after a certain number of plastic heating plasticizing, under certain pressure and velocity, through the screw in the molten plastic injection mold cavity. After the injection, the injection into the cavity of the molten material remain finalize the design. The composition of the injection system: injection system is composed of plasticizing device and power transmission device. Screw injection molding machine plasticizing device is mainly composed of feeding device, material barrel, screw, shoot tip parts. Power transmission device including cylinder injection, injection of mobile oil cylinder and the screw drive ( Melt the motor) 。

horizontal injection molding machine has the advantage of the fuselage short, easy to operation and maintenance; Low center of gravity, installation is relatively stable; Products out after use gravity fall automatically, easy to realize automatic operation. Install more troublesome, its defect is: mold insert published such as mould with skewed or the possibility of falling, covers an area of large machine tool. At present, the injection molding machine on the market use this kind of type more.

while a vertical injection molding processing speed and efficiency more quickly, but there are still some shortcomings. Weakness is the most common mold problem, the size of the vertical machine is to achieve a high standard of work efficiency, the most important reason is that it is the production of mould is relatively small, and for a large mold is no way to carry on the processing production, so this is the biggest drawback. And because of this type of machine is vertical, often the center of gravity is high, there are still some deficiencies in operation.

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