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The classification of the polypropylene

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Atactic polypropylene, from the point of stereochemistry, even the methyl on the main chain of the APP in the main plane and two sides are arranged without rules. APP was calcium carbonate filler masterbatch carrier resin main raw material, the reason for this is he as a by-product during the manufacture of IPP, output of foreign companies as a technology that he has no application value, incineration, only is our technical personnel to be used to produce calcium carbonate filler masterbatch, in the early eighty s, the APP masterbatch for the synthetic resin raw material scarce injection molding processing industry bring huge economic benefits. Pure APP for typical amorphous macromolecule material, cohesion is small, low glass transition temperature and room temperature is rubber, and polymer can be gently flowing 50 ℃.

the polymerization process, isotactic polypropylene polymerization can be divided into mud method, ontology method and solution method, several methods such as gas phase method. The gas phase method because polymer in the form of solid particles, not involved with solvent, also don't have to out the catalyst residue, so dominant. Small noumenon polypropylene is extracted oil refinery tail gas propylene as raw material to the aggregation. Powder polypropylene want want more wide molecular weight distribution, because it is a still a kettle intermittent operation, the performance of the resin varies greatly between each other, so when use often used only as a part of the matrix resin in order to reduce costs, or by modification to use.

-页 R to propylene and ethylene monomer are mixed together, in the aggregate random distribution in the owner chain or vinyl monomer reaction of propylene monomer chain segment, the existence of the ethylene chain segments cannot make copolymer crystallization, ethylene content rarely, even also can make polypropylene crystallization ability is reduced greatly. At the same time as the coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials is only one over two hundred of the alloy steel pipe, therefore, when conveying hot water, heat preservation performance is excellent, used for hot water and heating system can significantly energy saving.

are polyethylene polypropylene means there is only one link in the main chain of the polypropylene, and in addition to propylene copolymerization polypropylene in the main chain link also with other monomer reaction after the formation of the link. Copolymerization polypropylene in the very great degree can change the properties of polypropylene. Propylene and ethylene copolymerization can be divided into the block copolymerization polypropylene random copolymer two kinds, respectively is PP - B and PP - R。

-页 B is in the single propylene polymerization after removing unreacted propylene, ethylene polymerization and again, is actually made up of polypropylene, polypropylene and terminal block copolymer consisting of a mixture, it is to keep a certain degree of rigidity, and improve the performance of polypropylene impact, especially the low temperature impact resistance, but the transparency and gloss decreased significantly.

-页 R is characterized by low crystallinity, good transparency, than the homopolymerization of polypropylene, the melt flow rate under the same condition, PP. - R the embrittlement temperature decreased significantly, it also improved the impact strength injection molding processing products. Over the past few years random copolymerization polypropylene PP - R for hot water supply pipeline application of recognition, and large-scale popularization and application. With PP - R pipe material made of 70 ℃ hot water, in the long term pressure reaches 1 mpa, service life can be up to 50 years.

isotactic polypropylene, from the point of stereochemistry, each containing methyl in IPP molecular carbon atoms have the same configuration, or if the main chain extension, the main chain of carbon atoms are arranged in the main plane, then all methyl are arranged in the same side of the main plane. Syndiotactic polypropylene, from the point of stereochemistry, SPP molecule containing methyl carbon atoms are divided into two different configurations and arranged alternately, such as the main chain stretching, make the main chain of carbon atoms are arranged in the main plane, then all methyl alternately arranged on both sides of the principal plane. SPP is the thermoplastic high elasticity, good tensile strength, it can be sulfide become like ethylene propylene rubber elastomer, mechanical performance is better than that of general unsaturated rubber.

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