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The composition of the plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
General antioxidant effective usage of around 1%, consumer most antioxidants is plastic injection molding processing of pp, PE, ABS plastic and resistance to impact polystyrene. Is also known as uv light stabilizer agent. Polymer in oxygen environment by ultraviolet rays can produce a variety of physical change and chemical change, in order to resist the damage, need light stabilizer to the polymer to effective protection. Usually the amount of light stabilizer is 0. 05% - 2%.

plastic has quite a wide range of performance and a wide application, to a great extent, is due to additive industry technology development. The very wide range of plastic additives, commonly used have dozens of categories, additive varieties had better choose and add quantity, depending on the nature of the polymer, processing methods, processing conditions and products of the use requirement. In polymer additives varieties, can from the two kinds of tree species, from a few to dozens of zero.

added these plastics toughening agent, can absorb when quite a number of external impact energy, so as to avoid the brittle failure caused by impact. All the polymer materials can be in the proper conditions, lead to destruction by the role of oxygen in the atmosphere. Antioxidant effect is added to the polymer after I'm sorry, can restrain the damage of oxygen for the polymer, so as to prolong the service life of plastic products.

the ingredients of additives have low molecular inorganic compounds, metal materials, and organic polymer materials. Additive varieties selection, the determination of the number and the ingredients of mixing process, is a very professional technical process. With relatively cheap additives added in the polymer, can increase the volume, reduce the cost. Is advantageous to the machining process, prevent the processing performance of the process of change.

add fertilizer can improve and enhance performance, given new functions. Plasticizer is usually has a viscous liquid, and the compatibility of polymer have certain. He by entering into the space between the molecular chain, weaken the intermolecular forces, increase the activity of the chain, to improve the polymer kindliness. For the most part plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Without the plasticized PVC hard brittle, adding plasticizer can make PVC soft, and lower processing temperature.

as a plastic, plastic material - either by hot working Thermoplastics, or formed by solidifying cross-linking - rigid material Thermosetting plastics, its constituent besides polymer the subject material, also includes all kinds of auxiliary materials. Auxiliary material is also known as additives or additive. Usually plastic injection is raw material with pure polymer processing finished products. In fact it is difficult to completely meet the use requirements, while some polymer is almost impossible.

the plasticization of PVC softness can be adjusted according to the types of plasticizer and the number of infiltration. Flexibilizer, also known as impact modifier, is to enhance the impact resistance of polymer additives can be used for the purpose. Composition is usually or rubber elastomer material. The use of toughening agent can greatly expand the application scope of some plastic, the plastic including rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene, polypropylene, and engineering plastics such as nylon.

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