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The conductivity of plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Plastic is a kind of ideal conductive material, plastic as a conductor, in addition to the excellent electric properties, also has a low price, light weight, good ductility, against corrosion and long service life, etc. Measure the electrical conductivity of plastic, size can be represented with conductivity. The greater the conductivity of the plastic, explain its electric conductivity, the better.

add materials used for improving antistatic plastic for antistatic agent, carbon materials and metal materials, and improve the plastic conductive materials for carbon materials added and metal materials. The main difference is between the volume resistivity of the loss. For improving the antistatic property, low requirements for the antistatic property of the occasions, such as static elimination, generally adding antistatic agent can meet the requirements, for some requiring higher antistatic property,, such as electromagnetic shielding, you need to add carbon materials or metal materials.

add material is different, its specific antistatic and conductive principle is also different. Adding antistatic modification principle to eliminate has the creation of charge. Specific process is: due to the surface activity and hydrophilic antistatic agent, and the compatibility with the resin is poor, so will add to antistatic agent in the resin mainly occurred in the surface of the injection molding products processing, form a layer of conductive film on surface. This layer of conductive film can reduce the surface resistivity of plastic products, to create the static charge leakage quickly, so as to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Antistatic agent, on the other hand, to give material surface lubricity, reduce the friction factor, inhibit or reduce the generation of static charges.

plastic antistatic modification effect associated with antistatic agent content, effect of antistatic modification of plastics are associated with using the environment humidity, the higher the humidity of the environment, the better antistatic effect.

the modification principle of conductive additives to prevent surface charge accumulation. The specific process to add excellent electrical conductivity in resin additives, such as carbon materials and metal materials. These conductive additives can be evenly dispersed within the plastic anti-nausea, formed with conductive channel, improve the conductivity of injection molding products processing, so as to achieve the aim of reducing volume resistivity.

antistatic agent in fact is a kind of surface active agent, according to its specific structure and can be divided into: ionic of non-ionic antistatic agent, antistatic agent and the hydrophilic polymer, the former two used to add modification, the latter is used for blending modification.

carbon materials is a kind of between antistatic and conductive modification of a kind of additive, mainly used in requiring higher antistatic performance. Tubes is the diamond, graphite carbon after the third isomers, it is the arrangement of carbon atoms in a certain way to form a closed structure. Tubes are the main varieties of carbon nanotubes, it is the diameter of a few nanometers or tens of nanometers, length of hollow tubes of tens of nanometers to microns. Carbon nanotubes have excellent chemical, electrical, carbon and superconductivity, is a new type of antistatic and conductive material.

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