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The degradation mechanism

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The mechanism of degradation can be thermal degradation, oxidation degradation of light, hydrolytic degradation, chemical degradation and mechanical degradation and biodegradation. These degradable polymer caused by internal reactions, such as random key reaction, crosslinking reaction and so on. Photodegradation process finally leads to the formation of a injection molding processing products exposed a lot of talk about the base. Those talking and turned to greatly accelerate the biodegradation. Research shows that when talking about base exposed, can be oxidized to nucleic acids. And oxidation of nucleic acids was quickly microbial metabolic process of CO2 and water. The corresponding additives can through these two kinds of reaction mechanism and accelerate the degradation process.

each type and color of the pigment ink and the degradation of promoting additive share many times experiments. But has yet to grope for the general law of pigments and additives to promote degradation speed, to predict which can promote the degradation of pigment. Because some pigment can accelerate this process, and some paint and may delay the process. Film, pigment concentration in the chemical composition and opacity or build luminosity and thickness of thin film are likely to affect the speed of plastic photodegradation.

to incorporate single-component vinyl ketone polymer additives, can accelerate the natural degradation of plastic materials. These additives added to the base plastic polyethylene or polystyrene, its proportions required for every 100 add five or more servings of polyethylene and polystyrene some additives. To be asked to exposed to outdoor started about 3 months degradable plastic, adopt the suitable additives. The second kind of photodegradation additive when a metal salts of organic integration. This kind of additive can strengthen the uv effect, injection molding processing products rapid degradation under sunlight.

has been sun inspired the degradation reaction of light degradable plastics, and was buried, and a suitable environment, will continue the degradation. If this is suitable for environment is in the dump, so light degradable plastics will like biodegradable plastics and other organic material, fully biodegradable. However, dump is in dry anaerobic environment, so there won't be any organic matter degradation reaction. People often intends to build this dump, in order to prevent the subsidence and produce methane.

added additives, made a corn precipitation can promote biodegradable plastic surface, usually amount of additives is 6 - the final products 15%. A large number of biodegradation process occurs at the time of concentration is close to 50%. But, when the percentage of the starch concentration increases, the physical properties and then fell. The combination of starch granules is very important, because when the polymer material is buried under the appropriate conditions of soil, the starch particles can promote the invasion of microorganisms.

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