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The degradation of plastic modification

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Biodegradable plastic is in the nature of microbes, the class of small molecules can be degraded plastics. Light degradable plastics is exposed to sunlight or other strong light, can be degraded into small molecular compound type of plastic. Water is said that due to the hydrolysis degradable plastics and make the sort of plastic polymer is degraded. Oxidative degradation plastic is said that a kind of plastic caused by oxidative degradation.

said is the degradation of plastic injection molding products processing, after fulfilling the service life of the process of rapid degradation become small molecule compounds. Plastic become the degradable plastics with degradation performance. The meaning of the degradable plastics is: in certain circumstances, can be the sun or in the soil microbial decompose into low molecular materials of polymer. Degradable plastics are biodegradable plastics, light degradable plastics, degradable plastics and oxidation degradation of logistics, and so on.

degradable plastics, especially light degradable plastics mostly have a degradation of induction period, the induction period is from injection molding processing products made to appear to the environment condition for the first time to transverse cracks. The degradation of different plastic has different induction period, different USES of plastics also requires different induction period.

some don't have the common resin degradability and degradable resin blend or adding biodegradable or light JiangXieJi and reach the purpose of degradation, this is the interpretation of plastic modification. A standard of degradable polymer has the following features: 1. Induction period of fixed length and appropriate, the start time can control the degradation, so that we can packing plastic when processing and using is not degraded. 2. Degradation speed, so that we can make the plastic processing products, after fulfilling the service life and can rapidly degrade for small molecules. 3. Processing performance is good, the general inherent degradable plastics processing performance is bad, difficult to use common plastic processing method for processing, therefore, need to be processing and modification. 4. Have a certain strength, commonly used the natural degradation of material strength is not too high, and in wet conditions will be more low, therefore, need to be reinforced. 5. The cost is low, the price of the natural degradation of resin is very high, difficult to its widespread use, therefore, must reduce the cost.

the application of degradable plastics
1. Surgical material, made of biodegradable plastic surgical suture, after wound healing, can be automatically degradation of small molecules for the human body can absorb, take out stitches removed from patients with pain, and can reduce the wound scar. Made of degradable plastic adhesive wound, but also made the wound not to leave scar.
2。 Flowers and trees transplant material, made of degradable plastics by transplantation of flowers and trees in the flowers and trees transplant, can keep the original form of the root, enhance the survival rate of transplant, destroy or shorten the result.
3。 Agricultural plastic film, agricultural film thickness is very thin, abandoned in the farmland, is very difficult to recycle. Buried in soil waste polluting plastics affect the permeability of the soil and water in the liquid, thus to cause the following year agricultural production, this phenomenon is also called white pollution.
4。 Packaging container, all kinds of packaging bags, plastic bottles and so on packing, and blister products in the completion of its service life, are often discarded and park, the fields, in the ocean, causing serious pollution and ecological destruction.

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