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The design of gating system

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
As the main way is not in the mold center, can cause single material overflow with seam is too large, the problem, though the structure of the three plate mold can be used to solve, but would raise the cost of plastic injection moulds. Therefore, by tilting the mainstream way of design can be avoided or improved. Gate in cavity or single cavity should be set when the distributary channel, distributary channel is the mainstream way between the gate and at the end of this period of plastics melt flow channel.

mould schedule has nothing to do with the mold thickness is said clamping mechanism for hydraulic - Mechanical combination of injection molding machine, the mould schedule determined by the maximum stroke of linkage, and has nothing to do with the mold thickness. Introduced various types of injection molding machine equipment and largest launch schedule each are not identical, mold design, launch schedule should be in line with injection molding machine. To accurately check the selected injection molding machine and to mould the various design parameters, structure size determined after all is performed.

in the mold design, due to the effect of plastic parts and mould structure, or as a result of the limitation of gating system and the cavity number, often make the mainstream way deviating from the mold center, sometimes the distance is very big, cause mould when use a lot of problems. During ejection plastic parts, because the center, demoulding force of resultant force is not mould push plate and push rod fixed plate lining easily, cause the push rod broken, plastic deformation or damage.

is the role of gating system of the plastic melt smoothly throughout the cavity, in order to get the silhouette is clear, and internal quality of plastic parts. Therefore requires molding speed and orderly, and the pressure loss is small, less heat, exhaust condition good, gating system setting material easy to separation or resection with plastic parts, and left the gate mark on the plastic parts is small. When designing gating system, first select the location of the gate, the gate location choice appropriate or not, will directly related to the quality of plastic parts molding and injection molding process can proceed smoothly.

the mainstream way is refers to the connection of injection molding machine nozzle with the passage of the plastic melt distributary channel, melt injection mold is the first pass of a port. The shape, size, directly affect the melt flow rate and injection time. The mainstream way one end is in contact with injection molding machine nozzle, the other end connected to the diversion channel of a circular flow channel with a taper. Mainstream way small end size should be adapted to the selected injection molding machine nozzle size, to refer to the instruction manual for the selected injection molding machine nozzle size or design manual.

mainstream way at the entrance of the small end and injection molding machine nozzle repeated contact, belong to wearing parts, more strict with the material, thus mould mainstream part often designed to remove the replacement of the sprue bushing forms, in order to effectively use high-quality steel plant processing independently and heat treatment, generally USES the carbon tool steel, heat treatment hardness of 53 - 57. The sprue bushing and locating ring designed integral for small mould, large mold design composition style.

the mold and the installation of injection molding machine, mold installation fixed form of the plate and screw type two kinds. The plate installation of flexible and widely used, and screw type need the hole on the mold base and holes in the template, the installation more troublesome, but for the installation of large plastic injection moulds, the installation of safe and reliable. Mould stroke refers to take out the plastic parts of the mould opening and closing the required minimum distance, it must be smaller than the range of injection molding machine mobile template.

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