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The development of blending equipment

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The so-called modified engineering plastics engineering problems include two aspects, on the one hand is the blending modification of component performance and mixing process; On the other hand is blending equipment. Blending equipment is an important cornerstone of modified engineering plastics to realize industrialization, including the structure and performance of twin screw extruder is an important topic of the engineering research.

for a total of blend system, can through certain ways of qualitative and quantitative description of blend uniformity and dispersion degree of the dispersed phase dispersed degree can be said the size of the average particle size. The particle size distribution of dispersed phase is reflected in the blending system of the dispersed phase dispersed degree of important symbol, can be judged through the determination of the dispersed phase particle size and its distribution system of the mixed state. In general, the smaller the particle size of the dispersed phase, the higher the degree of dispersion, the narrower the dispersed phase particle size distribution, mixing effect is better. On the other hand, the dispersion degree is the worse. Scattered mixed the degree of polymer blending system can also by measuring the glass transition temperature blend of body. In addition can also by melting point determination of mixed system each part of the total or blending material learning performance measurement to determine the mixed state.

since the 1970 s, we began to study engineering plastics modification, until the mid - 1990 - s gradually achieve industrialization, one of the key reason is that of twin screw extruder research started later. With the development of the domestic automobile industry, electronics, communication, there is an increasing demand for injection molding processing products, has higher requirement for the performance of the product. From the point of our current production levels, and foreign big companies there is a certain gap, also don't have the ability to defy with foreign companies. Products of high performance, customization, fine will be our themes of the modified engineering plastics. Therefore, we in the research of material performance, design, performance at the same time, the production process can not be ignored, the refinement of the operation, more do not ignore the study of structure of twin screw extruder. Therefore, the combination of engineering and materials research is a prerequisite for the production of high performance engineering plastics.

in the late 1990 s, domestic double screw extrusion machine industry is developing rapidly, the mixing effect of twin screw extruder continuous improvement, the automatic control level is increasing day by day, equipment manufacturing to the structure of large scale, high speed, high precision, diversified development, reached international advanced level. The improvement of equipment, vigorously promote the development of modified engineering plastics industry.

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