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The development of non halogenated flame retardants

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The vast majority of organic flame retardant containing halogen, when burnt hair stretching, produce poisonous gas, so the requirement of non halogenated flame retardant materials in recent years, more and more urgent. Individual some plastic products in developed countries already forbids the use of halogen flame retardants. Although the halogen flame retardant abroad still account for the mainstream, but gradually replaced by the non halogen flame retardants in the future the trend is clear. In non halogen flame retardant inorganic flame retardant is an important part of. High performance can be a lot of non halogenated flame retardants are added to the polyolefin, without affecting the injection molding products processing and mechanical properties.

increase the aluminum hydroxide particles surface area, i. e. ultra-micronization model. the and superfine refinement, make the particle surface water vapor partial pressure drop, aluminium hydroxide can be improved heat resistance, and can make the material mechanical properties, flame retardant effect is increased significantly. Aluminum hydroxide to react with high thermal decomposition temperature of the material, and can be synthetic thermal decomposition temperature in between. Aluminum hydroxide with silane coupling agent, titanate coupling agent and stearic acid in surface treatment, such as domestic started late and has further carried out abroad new special function for the development of aluminum hydroxide surface modification agent. A small amount of flame retardant synergistic agent can make the aluminum hydroxide filler material performance is improved. With the aluminum hydroxide can have synergy effect of inorganic flame retardant synergistic agent is widespread.

there are a lot of people think that magnesium hydroxide can be as a substitute of aluminum hydroxide, but as a result of magnesium hydroxide internal physical crystallization water, strong polarity and so on reasons, lead to poor compatibility with polyolefin, although after the coupling agent coupling mechanical performance is improved, but not very obvious. Expansion flame retardant polymer research for polymer flame retardant technology has opened up a new way. Expansion flame retardant polymer basically overcome the shortcomings in the traditional flame retardant technology.

in the fire and smoke were the first to produce and death and delay fire fighting the actual factors. So the contemporary is flame retardant and smoke suppression of, than flame retardant and smoke suppression of some polymer is much more important. Containing halogen polymers and phosphorus-containing flame retardant and antimony compounds is the main source of smoke.

microcapsule technology can prevent the migration of flame retardant, improve the flame retardant effect and improve the thermal stability, change a lot of advantages, such as dosage of components between the composite and efficiency, as well as making multifunctional flame retardant material is also very good, flame retardant properties of the crosslinked polymer is much better than the linear polymer, so a small amount of crosslinking agent is added in the thermoplastic injection molding processing, make the polymer to become part of the mesh structure, not only can improve the dispersivity of the flame retardant, has proved to be high polymer is burned in the condensed phase and carbon effect, effectively improve the flame retardant performance, and can increase the products of the physical and mechanical properties, weather resistance, etc.

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