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The development trend of modified polypropylene

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PP crystallization is the main cause of opaque, using rapid cooling freeze tendency of the crystallization of PP, and can get a transparent thin film, but have a certain thickness of injection molding products processing, due to the need of heat conduction time, core layer cannot quickly by cooling and freezing, so for a certain thickness of the products can't expect to improve transparency by rapid cooling. Must start from the crystallization of PP rule and influence factors.

due to the nanoscale effect, large specific surface area, surface atoms in a heightened state of activation, and polymer with high interface force and electromagnetic properties such as light, therefore the inorganic nanoparticles as a new packing, developed high-performance, composite materials with special functions, created a new field of polymer modification. According to the shape of the nano filler, pp/main preparation methods of nanocomposite are intercalated complex legal and direct dispersion method.

a small amount of inorganic nanoparticles enables enhanced toughening polypropylene, high crystallization rate, crystallization temperature and good flame retardant performance, due to high specific surface area of nanoparticles exist strong heterogeneous nucleation effect, due to improve the thermal stability and the improvement of the performance of the flame retardant can be formed when a small amount of filler non-combustible carbon layer of insulation. After surface treatment of nanometer to improve polypropylene anti-aging properties, the effect is remarkable. And the addition of conductive powder can improve the electric properties of polypropylene, and reduce its volume resistivity.

in adding nucleating agent has good polypropylene polymerization can change its crystallization behavior, so as to improve its transparency, and this is at present is the commonly used method. PP from the molten state gradually cooled, its crystallization behavior can be divided into all other nuclear and heterogeneous nucleation two cases. All other nuclear: only on PP macromolecular chain segment rented movement, in the low temperature to a certain range, the first part of a form the core of crystallization, and then expands gradually become orderly arrangement of crystalline region.

heterogeneous nucleation: PP macromolecular chain attached to the ordered arrangement on other than PP material. These substances can be survival in the polymer catalyst or propylene in the unit is mixed of impurities, also can be to want to join the organic or inorganic matter. In PP transparent modifier - Nucleating agent, make its have the effect of crystal nucleus, make PP macromolecular, in the process of cold to all other nuclear is abate, heterogeneous nucleation enhancement, and with the increase of the number of crystal nucleus, PP crystallization of microcrystalline, crystal size and it is helpful to improve the transmission of light.

polypropylene in the production of rapid development at the same time, also on the performance of the new constantly, make its application and the breadth and depth of the changing, this year to or through improved during polymerization, or after polymerization granulation measures, some of the more unique properties of polypropylene new varieties, such as transparent polypropylene, high melt strength polypropylene.

the certain technology to get the modification of PP, but has good transparency, or surface gloss, can even and typical of transparent plastic. Transparent PP is more superior thermal deformation temperature is high, can generally be higher than 110 ℃, some even up to 135 ℃, and the above three kinds of transparent plastic thermal deformation temperature is below 90 ℃. Due to the properties of transparent PP obvious advantages, have developed rapidly in the world in recent years, applications from home injection molding processing daily necessities to the machine equipment, from packaging supplies to heat resistance vessels, are used in a lot of.

transparency of PP increased by the following three ways: 1. Using metallocene catalyst polymerization of transparent PP. 2. Transparency is obtained by random copolymer PP. 3. Add transparent modifier in ordinary polypropylene to improve its transparency. 273 RCXP pervious to light performance of the resin is equivalent to a good PP random copolymer, has high glossiness, shape can be made into masterbatch used in the production of solid or similar to the translucent masterbatch made of nylon.

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