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The effect of compatilizer principle

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
To peer in the process of polymer blends, the role of the meaning of two aspects: one is to make the polymer to distract each other to get on the macroscopic homogeneous blending product, the other is to improve the performance of the two phase interface in the polymer system, increase the adhesion force between each other, and have a long-term and stable performance. To improve the compatibility between polymer method. Compatilizer molecules can have together to mix the polymer components of the combination of the physical or chemical group, is to be able to become the incompatible or partly compatible components compatibility of the key. As many types of compatilizer, injection molding processing method, product structure is different, so all kinds of compatilizer on the mechanism of polymer blend is completely different.

in some cases, the addition of block copolymer also cause interpenetrating network formed between two phase. Ideally block copolymer in the interface between the two phase region and its two block respectively with two polymer volume, so it will greatly improve the bonding strength between the two phase. The role of the graft copolymer is similar. Block copolymers or want to have the compatibilizing effect of ideal, their relative molecular mass, the structure and compatibilizing effect has a close relationship.
graft copolymer of branched chain and main chain structure characteristics such as number of branched chain expansion effect is greatly influenced. Branched chain, the relative molecular mass of the number is too large, because of the limitation of conformation will hinder the blending components through action, not ideal the compatibilizing effect. Graft copolymer chain should be long branches and density is not Gao Weiyi, when double block two equals the chain length, compatibilizing effect is very good.

although short segment is easy to spread to polymer blend components of two phases, but to make the interface has enough compressive strength, the relative molecular mass of the segment will be appropriate than loudness molecular mass of the blend components. If grafted or block segment is too long, it can only exist in the state of the random clew, not easily into two phases, compatibilizing effect will be bad. Macromolecular monomer was prepared through the curtain or comb type of graft copolymer, neat structure, convenient for molecular design of polymer alloys, compatibilizing effect is superior to block copolymer.

with suitable structure of block or graft copolymer are incompatible blending system as a surface active agent or surfactant. This is due to emulsification, make the polymer particle size is decreased obviously. The causes of this phenomenon is mainly inhibit the decline and the three-dimensional stability of the interfacial tension of the same polymer components together and aggregation rate of the effect of the latter may be even more important. The reactive compatibilizer can generally includes the compatibilizers block copolymer and the grafted copolymer. Compatibilizers can be divided into: 1. Can reduce the interface between two phase. 2. Promote the dispersed phase in the process of polymer blends. 3. Prevent agglutination of dispersed phase. 4. Strengthening and bond.

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