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The electromagnetic properties of plastics

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Has the hygroscopicity of the plastic, the resistivity also varies with the change of environmental humidity change. Typical varieties such as nylon, when the humidity increases, the volume resistivity will decline rapidly, so the unmodified nylon injection tooling parts are not suitable for the application of more strict with insulation. Unlike volume resistivity, surface resistivity is not a strict characterization of performance of the material characteristics. Because the leakage current is in the surface layer, so the plastic surface resistivity is influenced by material surface condition, the surface polarity is great. The surface hydrophobic or hydrophilic, surface shape and surface finish and cleanliness can affect the surface resistivity.

medium resistivity, high dielectric loss and dielectric constant, and is strongly influenced by environmental conditions, this is some polarity or strong plastic material, can be respectively used in low frequency and frequency in the electrotechnics. A material under the condition of specific suitability as electrical material, in addition to the electrical, and mechanical properties, chemical resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance and so on. Temperature, insulation, usually continues to rise, may lose as electrical material use value. As a result, often be with the heat-resisting material temperature insulation level of assessment materials.

the volume resistivity of the thermoplastic plastic is usually higher than that of thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, resistivity in PS, PE, PP and PTFE as the highest, this is because they belong to nonpolar or weak polar materials, under the action of applied electric field, the only trace amounts of leakage current. Plastic material resistivity can through a variety of process methods, adjust its scope to adapt to a variety of specific purposes. Plastic volume resistivity is more sensitive to temperature changes, temperature, resistivity decreased. Temperature is reduced, the resistivity rise again.

plastic material performance can be devised, and performance in the material's performance. According to the need, can through the material modification, the combination of different materials to adjust electric properties. The electrical insulation in the polymer, for example, because of the structure, make the polymer no free electrons, have enough freedom of movement of ions can become the carrier of electric charge, if we change the situation, can be in the vast scope to adjust the volume resistivity of polymer, with the functions of antistatic and conductive materials. Of course, they are generally the doping conductive component of composite materials.

the emergence of the composite material greatly expand the polymer in the application of electrical engineering. In under the action of high frequency weak current field, for example, has the insulation performance of the composite material with electromagnetic wave permeability, can be used as electromagnetic wave through the materials, and materials with conductive properties, electromagnetic shielding and the electromagnetic wave absorbing. Electromagnetic shielding for electronic products is of great significance. Electricity and magnetism are inseparable as a whole, there is the existence of the magnetic field around the current.

because of the difference of all kinds of plastic chemical structure is larger, therefore, all kinds of plastic electric performance parameters can change on a wide range. Different types of plastic injection tooling for high and low voltage and high and low frequency and even the environment temperature, humidity adaptability is very wide. With high resistivity, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss is negligible, under the condition of application, they generally do not influenced by temperature, humidity and frequency, they are plastic, the polarity can be used as high frequency dielectric.

the main index in the characterization of a material insulation performance is good or bad, is the volume resistivity and surface resistivity. Volume resistivity said electric current flows through the internal resistance of the material, surface resistivity said when the current flows along the surface resistance. Plastic materials in most electrical applications, are used as insulating material. Different varieties of plastic with different volume resistivity, mainly depends on its internal composition and structure.

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