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The friction coefficient of plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In so-called ploughing wear, the wear quantity is considered and is inversely proportional to the strength and toughness of injection molding processing materials, in the fatigue wear, the elastic modulus is to determine the important parameters of fatigue wear. Some low 弾 plastic modulus, wear resistance may be better than the moderate elastic modulus of plastic. For some hard brittle thermoplastics, thermosets and fatigue wear is relatively rare. Affect the friction and wear properties of thermal performance is mainly thermal conductivity and heat resistance.

most plastics have low coefficient of friction, including nonpolar ptfe has a small friction coefficient, the coefficient of friction between it and most of the material surface is only 0. 04 - 0. 10. This is metal materials under the condition of good lubrication is also difficult to achieve. Add some additives in plastic components, such as molybdenum disulfide, silicone oil, can reduce the friction coefficient, on the contrary, if adding inorganic filler or through the surface design, improve the surface roughness, can improve the surface friction coefficient.

PV value is the characterization of friction material abrasion resistance is an important parameter. But need to point out that PV value is not a fixed constant, the same material, in different pressure, velocity, temperature and form, the structure of the friction pair PV value is different. Friction and wear properties, is one of the important mechanical properties of plastics, natural it with other mechanical properties of plastic are closely related. The related mechanical properties including surface hardness of the material, tear strength, shear strength and peel strength, tensile strength, fatigue strength, elastic modulus, etc. , influence the wear forms of different and different.

low coefficient of friction material, such as ptfe and nylon suitable for plastic bearings, on occasions requiring high friction, the friction brake and friction clutch, for example, should choose high coefficient of friction materials. Some of the parts, such as housing and hollow container, considering the transportation and the safety and stability of the stacking, need to deliberately increase the friction coefficient of contact surface parts. In addition, in the design and calculation of plastic components in the process of assembly and disassembly of the force needed to size, friction coefficient is also one of the important data that must be considered.

the two touch each other working parts of the relative movement of the process is called friction. Rubbing against each other in the process of friction pair objects of friction pair, a pair of friction pair can be the same kind of material, also may be two kinds of different materials. Friction not only consumes energy, but also cause wear and tear. Wear usually is to use the quality loss - in the process of friction Wear rate. Plastic wear, the main cause is due to the bumps on the wear and tear of material surface convex peak, in lower shear strength of plastic surface planing role.

the friction coefficient is not a material constant. Factors affecting the size of the coefficient of friction material factors, such as injection molding processing materials, polarity, crystallinity, shear strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, the wettability and surface finish, the external factors, including environmental temperature and humidity, the applied load as well as the relative speed between the contact surface and so on. Under certain conditions, most plastic friction coefficient decreases with the increase of load, and increases with the increase of sliding velocity and.

friction pair in the friction process and method of relative speed V to load P has a direct effect on friction, therefore, often will load and speed the product of the PV value indicates a parameter using conditions, the higher the PV value, the greater the friction wear is produced by. In order to characterize the friction material can withstand the worst working condition, defined in friction material in a short time, destroy the PV value of PV value.

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