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The future of automotive plastics

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
auto plastic injection tooling/dosage is to measure a country one of the symbols of auto production technical level. Nearly 30 years, the dosage of the international automotive plastics are on the increase. At present, the domestic application of automotive plastic just stop in the mid - 1980 - s level in foreign countries, although in processing ability ways, most domestic suppliers almost there is no problem, but in the core technology to rely heavily on imported technology.

plastic increasingly extensive application in automobile, survey data show that the developed countries of automotive plastic dosage on average accounted for 10% of the total - 20%, is no longer confined to the internal and external decoration, automobile body covering parts, began to develop in the body structure, such as bumper, hood and trunk lid, the lid, fender, door inside guard and some body frame components, etc.

the car can use plastic
if the plastic is just light enough, so cannot become the material of these parts. Take the automobile body covering parts, must guarantee the body external aerodynamic model is able to appearance, but the association to and to reduce the wind resistance coefficient, further reduce the burning consumption and improve vehicle handling stability.

from the plastic material itself, the shape is simple, for complex shape parts, can simplify the process, particularly for the external body shape. Such as to reduce body resistance, stylist is in body design, the automobile body side guide airflow through the hole, and add some air. If you use a metal materials, the shape will be very difficult, complex processing, precision is difficult to guarantee; And plastic parts with the method of the injection molding, so no matter how complex shape can be a forming, and high precision.

complex shape body outer covering parts while the proportion of small,
plastic itself strength is not high also, but the advantage of high elasticity of plastic products. When hit, plastic products can produce elastic deformation, can absorb a large amount of impact energy. Automobile inner decoration are basically choose plastic is now in order to enhance the cushion to protect the cockpit crew. Another advantage is the high elasticity can absorb and reduce the vibration of the vehicle, also can improve the comfort. In addition, the plastic corrosion resistance is far greater than steel, even if the surface paint is damaged, also won't appear corrosion phenomena.

and plastic are favored by the most important reason, is plasticity. Plastic can with other materials to form composite material, and can according to different components of the composition such as adding different packing and plasticizer to change material part of the performance, such as strength and heat resistance, etc. , to adapt to the different requirements of different body parts.

every car manufacturers, there are countless unknown supplier
behind every successful man, there is a woman, and behind every unsuccessful man, there are two. For a car maker, to succeed, stand behind it will be more than one supplier, especially in the building cars two now. The era. Powerful suppliers are not only undertake the manufacturer's purchase order, also in the research and development of new technology and material of a large number of investment, from suppliers to upgrade to technology suppliers.

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