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The hardness of the plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Weatherability good and PMMA, ASA and ACS. Some general plastics, such as PE, PP, ABS, such as poor weather resistance, without the stabilizing treatment, even can't normal use outdoors. In general, in order to prolong the service life, the vast majority of outdoor use of injection molding products processing, must through the stabilizing treatment, such as adding stabilizer. In addition, some physical protection methods, such as surface coating, electroplating, etc are also effective.

all materials shown in hardness values are directly influenced by temperature and humidity, heat the dimension of the test method of test temperature and the ball pressure test, hardness test of fact can be seen as a high temperature. High heat resistant plastic show higher hardness value at higher temperatures. Plastic material hardness and its internal structure. General thermosetting plastic than thermoplastics has higher hardness. Such as melamine, phenol, cured epoxy resin shows the higher hardness, crystalline plastic hardness is higher than an amorphous plastics.

the durability of plastic products under the effect of environmental factors, depends on the chemical structure, physical structure, material properties of the other components in material, may contain impurities and their environment. Material aging caused by oxidation and thermal oxidation is the two main forms, thus, light oxidation and thermal oxidation stability good plastic, the weather is good. Without the modification of plastics, such as ptfe, poly (vinylidene fluoride fluorine plastic weatherability for the best.

some nonpolar filler has higher hardness, therefore can be mixed into the polymer, in order to improve the surface hardness of the material. In addition hard coating the surface of the method can also be used to improve the surface hardness of some of the material. Environmental adaptability, generally refers to, in the outdoor environment of plastic products, as a combination of natural conditions of various environmental factors, can be used for a long time to maintain the performance of a kind of ability. In this sense, the environmental adaptability can also be called weatherability.

plastic products in outdoor exposure, by physical, chemical, and biological synthesis of a variety of factors. Plastic weatherability is actually material heat resistance, light resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and biological invasive integrated embodiment of its main physical properties, such as the difference is due to differences in climate conditions and geographical environment, the main form of harm and the degree of difference. Oxygen and ozone in the atmosphere, as well as in the participation of heat and light caused by thermal oxidation and light oxidation.

widely used used to represent the term with the ball sag of hardness hardness, rockwell hardness and shaw hardness. Ball pressure in hardness is a standard steel ball into the sample and can bear the load per unit area, expressed as a PMa. Rockwell hardness is widely used in foreign countries, especially the United States, is used to measure the hardness values obtained by hard plastic injection tooling. Hardness level generally have R and M two levels. Shaw hardness is used to represent the soft plastic, rubber, elastomer hardness value, commonly used A type A, type D two specifications. Type A is A bit soft and hard type D.

under the condition of natural combination of various environmental factors, after a time, will lead to plastic ageing. So-called aging, in fact, the products of middle and later periods of the life cycle of performance degradation, such as the material color, crisp, pulverization, crack, the change of the gloss and transparency and surface mold, etc. Followed by the change of volume performance, the material of a sharp decline in physical, chemical, mechanical and electric properties.

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