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The influence of extrusion temperature for blending

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The relative molecular mass of the nylon matrix size on the mechanical property of toughening PA has much to do. The impact of different nylon differs somewhat. In general, the higher the relative molecular mass, the better mechanical performance, raid for rubber elastomers and PA66 blends and with PA66 molecular weight increased the impact strength were increased, but not growth. For different toughening system, that is, different toughening agent, PA matrix relative molecular mass effect on the properties of blend injection tooling is different, even opposite results.

from mechanical performance analysis have proved that elastomer compatibility with nylon toughening effect has a great influence on. SBS is big particle size distribution in the PA6 matrix, two phase interface is clear, SBS and PA6 interface stick relay is very weak, macro performance in PA6 / SBS shock resistance is poor. Because of its interface binding force is less than the SBS particle impact or tensile fracture strength, so the impact section, or SBS particle complete at fault surface, or SBS particle leave section and then leave a smooth hollow.

PAA66 viscosity of 2. 2 when the relative viscosity of 2. 7 of PA66 under the same content of toughening agent, its impact strength multiplied. The causes of this special case is mainly due to the PA66 and toughening agent between the melting point is close, the mutual reaction chemistry of combining site is more solid. Between the two components, melting point close to each other between the mixed degree is high, the reaction degree is high, reflected in the increased the impact strength of toughening body.

the melting point of the two components or bigger difference of melt fluidity, blending the body will produce components of heterogeneity, the local concentration difference is very big, there are even a component to blend body stratification and surface local brittleness. As a result, the composition of the collocation of relative molecular mass should not be ignored. Microstructure analysis as the important means of blend components compatibility between micro structure analysis method are many, but the application is more scanning electron microscopy (sem) and transmission electron microscopy (sem), from these two kinds of electron microscope photos, you can see in the multiphase system compatibility degree between components, determine the particle size and distribution of the dispersed phase state. To qualitative analysis the relationship between the structure and composition of the blend, and through the corresponding mechanical properties test, to reveal the relationship between structure and properties.

thermoplastic elastomer macromolecular chain of polar group and the end of the PA amino reaction probability also increases with blending temperature increase. Extrusion blending temperature on the influence of blending dispersion has two aspects: on the one hand is to improve the extrusion temperature is conducive to the flow of the elastomer and scattered. Another aspect is conducive to the flow of the blend. But extrusion temperature is too high will cause the degradation of injection molding processing and blend. So the principle of determining blending extrusion temperature with the melting point of blend components as the benchmark.

extrusion temperature is blending process control is an important parameter. Extrusion temperature on the crosslinking reaction, grafting reaction and dispersion degree of mixing all have different degrees of influence. Temperature, graft crosslinking reaction and the reaction rate increases, is advantageous to the reaction, the benefit to blend of plasticizing and mixing. But remaining in the thermoplastic elastomer grafting monomer, initiator and macromolecular free radical reaction in melt blending process will continue to complete.

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