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The injection mold parting surface

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
When the plastic pieces of the head with a circular arc, if the arc part classification, can damage plastic surface processing quality. In order to meet the requirements of plastic parts alignment, as far as possible, there will be a part of the coaxial degree requirements in the same template. When the projection on the surface of the plastic parts in the parting area exceeds the projection of the machine tool allows, will cause the mode-locked difficulties, a serious material overflow, at this point, as far as possible choose projection area is small. If plastic parts using liquid material, since overflow edge more serious when molding, so the ejector sleeve structure form. When the parts have side core-pulling, should as far as possible on the moving mould parts, avoid the fixed mold core pulling.

sprue gate is also known as the mainstream way type, he passed pressure, pressure feeding effect is strong, the mould structure simple and compact, easy fabrication, but remove the sprue difficulties, obvious effect of the gate. He is especially suitable for large, wall thickness and plastic parts and plastic varieties of molding melt viscosity is particularly high. To plastic mold release and put the needs of the insert, the mold must be divided into two parts or more. The mold to remove the plastic parts and port of the condensate separable contact surface, is called the parting surface.

plastic shape is simple, but the more holes or complex hole, the plastic molding shrinkage after will stay on the core, the cavity can be located within a fixed mode, use ejecting board can complete mold release, and the mould structure is simple. When core symmetry distribution of plastic parts, if you want to plastic parts force dynamic model, the cavity and core is located in the most dynamic model, can be used to push pipe mold release. When the plastic parts with metal insert, because the insert will not shrink, no package of core force, the results with the insert molded parts stay inside the cavity, and won't stay on the core.

a mould according to the need may have more than one or two of the parting surface. Parting surface may be perpendicular to the direction of the clamping or tilted in the direction of the clamping, also may be parallel to the direction of the clamping. The so-called clamping direction is usually upper die and lower die, dynamic model and decide the direction of the mold closed. The parting surface shape of plane, slant, trapezoidal surface and surface. In the plane of the parting surface should choose as far as possible, but in order to meet the needs of the plastic molding and facilitate plastics mold release, also can be used after three parting surface. After three parting surface while processing a trouble, but relatively easy to mold processing.

the parting surface selection by the shape of the plastic parts, wall thickness, size, insert the position and shape, precision plastics within the mold molding position, stripping method, the gate of form and position, the types of mold, mold exhaust, mold manufacturing and molding equipment structure. The influence of such factors as When choosing parting surface, therefore, should be repeated comparison and classification, select a reasonable scheme. Choosing the mold parting surface, some basic principles should be considered.

ring gate is suitable for the long tube shape parts, using this kind of gate, general core can locate at both ends, so parts of even wall thickness. Scope is similar to the spokes of the gate disc gate, with rectangle hole are also applicable to the injection molding processing parts, but he will feed the whole area into several small pieces of circular arc or straight line feed. It can therefore be regarded as the inside of the gate, the gate removal is convenient, less port setting material, the upper mold core positioning and increase the stability of the core. Claw gate is a variant form of hub-and-spoke gate, on the core of the tapered opening port, to mainly used for the long tube shape and high alignment requirements of plastic parts.

plastic has a very wide range of applications, the numerous parts, conditions are the same, it is difficult to have a regular pattern. As a result, the mold parting surface selection is a very important problem, is a very complicated problem. Should meet the moving mould parting surface selection, plastic parts, as far as possible to stay in dynamic model, because the part demoulding mechanism is generally on the moving mould, otherwise will increase the difficulty of mold release, is bound to complicate the mold structure.

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