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The material of plastic window design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Usually have a box frame structure of two kinds of fan and fan package, casement is removable type and sealed type two kinds. Have dry inlays, wet inlays two kinds. Dry Mosaic, the use of injection molding processing fluid sealant, replacement is more convenient, but the service life is short, and wet inlays, and door profile and glass bonding, will effectively improve the whole strength of the casement. Large difference of different geographical environment, climate, architectural physics performance requirements are different. Should be according to the climatic conditions, such as wind, low temperature cold, etc to carry on the design size, this is the strength, safety and heat preservation performance. The specific function of high-rise building and low-level or villa construction requirements, as well as considering the shape of the design from the Angle of architectural aesthetics.

using the glass fiber reinforced PVC, PVC window frame rigidity can be improved, dimensional stability and thermal stability. Compound window refers to the blister or just co-extrusion profiles and assembled into a window structure. Its structure is, the inner use aluminum or just now, outer layer for low foamed PVC, adopting co-extrusion composite process. Although PVC window frames to dominate, but in the future because of fears it may be through the legislation form to limit PVC, so the wood plastic composite materials processed into the window frame has begun to enter the window frame market.

plastic window according to the main open means are stationary, push-pull type, flat open three forms. Fixed main function is to lighting, because do not need to design open function, the structure is relatively simple. Push-pull type can be divided into one-way about push and pull and push and pull of two. Push-pull type needs to design mobile orbit, its characteristic is the cost per unit area less profiles, hardware configuration of low cost, open after no extra occupy the interior space, defect is not ideal air tightness and water tightness. The score type is precisely the advantages of good sealing, air tightness to 1 or greater than that of the push-pull type Level 2.

another is gaining rapid development, the pultrusion process molding of FRP building doors and Windows. FRP is short for fiber reinforced plastics, the use of FRP in glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester as the raw material. FRP doors and Windows is thought to have a huge potential market, is the root cause of the high strength of FRP doors and Windows, the durability and corrosion resistance, heat resistance, flame retardancy, and good decorative. Low temperature cold region, can choose multi chamber structure, a multistage seal structure and the multilayer structure of glass.

the mechanical strength of FRP pultrusion doors and Windows and much higher than the PVC. Because of good rigidity, FRP pultrusion profiles can be on an empty stomach, do not need to use metal to strengthen, profile wall thickness can be thin to 1. 7 mm, can be applied to the wind load resistance level to demand higher high-rise window system. Due to the high rigidity, also suitable for large size glazing, make lighting and visual area increases. In addition, FRP pultrusion Windows and doors and PVC doors and Windows and aluminum doors and Windows, has a lower thermal expansion coefficient and better heat insulation performance.

manufacturing plastic window of the materials for many years is a modification of the injection molding processing hard polyethylene as the main materials, more than about 90% of the plastic window market, products are all plastic and composite window two kinds. All plastic window by PVC hollow profiles assembled. In PVC window frame body USES the co-extrusion technology, the outer coating layer of the impact resistant poly (methyl methacrylate, can improve the weatherability of the PVC window. PMMA layer can be shaded into all sorts of color, which improved the adornment effect of PVC window.

the based on unsaturated polyester FRP, the main defect is to be recycled, so the future trend will shift to thermoplastic composites gradually. Plastic window structure design is the core of profile design of section. Plastic window frame and window sash is hollow extruding chamber. To regulate the architectural design and construction, structure generally have standardization, seriation of cross section. Profile of the strength and rigidity, wall thickness from the consideration on the structure mainly through profile design, profile internal reinforcement design and metal strengthening lining.

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