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The meaning of plastic performance

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Thermosetting resin molecular weight is very low, he has high mechanical strength, because his crosslinking structure, it is difference with thermoplastic resin. Affected by the molecular weight of performance in addition to the mechanical properties, including thermal stability, elasticity, solubility, etc. Has the very high molecular weight polymer injection processing is difficult, usually so the choice and determination of average molecular weight is often used in processing performance and the results of the performance trade-offs.

products from any affected factors, not necessarily is a single factor, it is possible that random, not necessarily is the rule. So you need to emphasize, in principle is normally only used for screening and primary data or the purpose of quality control, and cannot be taken as a basis for product design. For as much as possible, the science of a performance, often design a lot of testing methods, from various angles in the same test method may also design a lot of test parameters.

is by a single molecular weight of the polymer molecular weight and the number of link chain section. Has a great influence of polymer molecular weight on the performance. There is a minimum critical molecular weight certain strength of the polymer. Under the critical molecular weight polymer has not practical in the sense of mechanical strength. Above the critical molecular weight of polymer mechanical strength rising rapidly, with the increase of molecular weight when molecular weight reaches a certain value, the strength increase tends to slow, and gradually close to the limit.

combined with application to obtain the data and the evaluation of materials performance, on the basis of the primary materials can be used in a model of similar products, similar to the actual application condition of simulation experiment, subject to final confirm the design data. To make basic data meet the design requirements, must understand the processing conditions, structure and geometry size of final products, and all kinds of comprehensive factors from the work environment influence on the performance data, it is best to give all kinds of factors on the relationship between the performance function.

plastic performance mainly depends on the corresponding chemical and physical properties of polymer, and these properties are is decided by the structure of the polymer inside. Therefore, a kind of polymer structure can be roughly expect many of its performance. Link is the main structural parameters of polymer structure, depending on the synthetic polymer a variety of monomer. Under certain conditions, the link of the chemical composition of the physical and chemical properties of the polymer and decisive role.

each kind of test method for regulations have strict test conditions, such as temperature, humidity, time, speed, etc. , because there is no agreed to test condition, unable to compare different materials under the same conditions in the same performance differences. Injection molding processing under the condition of product in the actual use situation is more complicated, such as product force, has a long-term and short-term; Static and dynamic; A continuous load and impulse load; A multiaxial stress and uniaxial stress, and the participation of all kinds of medium.

it is important composition of the molecular chain of tens of thousands of link geometry, including the order of link, the size of the space arrangement, the shape of the chain, chain, etc. Geometric arrangement of diversity makes even the same structural unit of molecular chains, differ in thousands ways of its structure may also be present. State of aggregation structure is a geometric arrangement between molecular chains. State of aggregation structure is not only related to the chemical structure of the polymer itself, but also strongly dependent on the external conditions, such as temperature, stress and medium, so it can be formed when the product through the set to control the state of aggregation structure of the processing conditions, changes in the performance of the material.

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