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The modification of polyethylene

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PE producers mainly through the following two ways to develop special resin: one is by changing polymerization methods, make the product performance is different from traditional products have larger; 2 it is by changing operating conditions in the primary device or existing resin through secondary processing modification to improve the density of the resin, physical properties and injection molding processing performance. In general, the first method is difficult, but the possibility of performance resin.

ethylene is a colorless, odorless gas. Ethylene exists in nature, in mature fruit, plants can release tiny amounts of ethylene gas, a fruit ripening agent. If there is a trace is not yet mature fruit exposed to the environment of ethylene, mature more quickly also. Hydrocarbon gases in combustion process, also can produce trace amounts of ethylene. Ethylene has been found to have for many years, but found it found that some properties measurement, report a few times, that's all, know found polyethylene.

the application field of polyethylene resin will remain concentrated in the packaging, agriculture, construction and wire and cable, etc. The film is still the biggest use polyethylene. Polyethylene film in the future will be more professional, the application of antibacterial film products such as proportion will gradually increase. High transparent LDPE brand will become a new bright spot in the field of packaging. High transparent LDPE product is by changing polymerization pressure and adjusting fertilizer formula. High transparent LDPE products is very popular with the market, the use of high transparent packaging of all kinds of food packaging than the ordinary high about 30% by volume, high transparent LDPE film in the future will be more and more used in bread, fruit, food and other products.

coating LDPE wide prospect of market. Polyethylene resin coating production mainly concentrated in the field of composite color printing. As people's emphasis on product packaging, packaging industry greatly promote the development of the growth of polyethylene coating, and can be processed varieties increased, has been applied to various materials such as cardboard.

polyethylene has excellent chemical stability, waterproof, odorless, acid and alkali resistance, especially excellent insulation. Polyethylene resin is general synthetic resin production in great varieties, mainly including low density of ethylene, linear low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, and some with special performance products. Its characteristic is cheap, good performance, which can be widely used in industry, agriculture, packaging, and daily industry, occupies a large position in the plastic processing industry.

general plastic, polyethylene has been the world great demand from the perspective of the development of nearly 10 years, although demand growth lower than that of polypropylene, but its average annual growth rate is still at about 6. 3%. Polyethylene resin demand rapid growth thanks to the following aspects, one is because of the economic growth and opening up new application fields; 2 it is world packaging products change, makes polyethylene film in almost all the products are widely used in packaging. HDPE in the breakthrough of technology makes its at the same time in the field of pipe material, hollow and widely used. According to the forecast, in the next 10 years the world polyethylene resin demand will remain high growth, the average annual growth rate will reach about 4. 5%.

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