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The mould heating system

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Thermoset injection molding needs special thermosetting plastic injection molding machine. Processing and injection molding, add the powder or granular plastic and packing injection molding machine hopper, under the action of screw rotation into the cylinder, materials will be outside the cylinder heating of the hot water or hot oil. Cylinder temperature in the cylinder is about 90 ℃, after a period of 50 - At 60 ℃, material by injection molding machine nozzle, due to friction, material WenKeDa around 100 ℃. Mold temperature is usually in a 160 - 190 ℃, and varies depending on the plastic varieties, rapid crosslinking curing materials under this temperature.

for mould core is more small, can adopt the way of indirect cooling for cooling. Mold cooling waterway through two or more templates or inserts, in their joint surface must use seal or rubber seal, in case between the template, set spell parts water seepage, affect the normal work of the mould. When the technological requirements of injection mold temperature above 80 ℃, when to large mould preheated, or using hot runner mold, mold must be set in the heating device.

tell from the forming principle, thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics injection molding of the main differences in the melt injection mold after curing stage. Curing thermoplastic plastic injection molding is basically a from high temperature liquid phase to the physical process of solid phase transition at low temperature and curing of thermoset injection molded parts is must depend on the chemical crosslinking reaction under high temperature and high pressure. This is because of that, the main differences between the lead to two different process conditions.

there are several kinds of mould heating mode, to large mould preheating besides can use electrical heating method, but also in the cooling water pipe zhongtong into hot water, hot oil, steam and other medium preheated. For mold temperature requirement is higher than 80 ℃ or injection mold hot runner injection mold, generally USES electric heating method. Can be divided into the resistance wire heating electrical heating and electric heating bar, at present, the majority of manufacturers adopt the method of electric heating rod heating, electric heating rod has a variety of product specifications to choose from.

in the design of the mould, figuring the required electrical heating, electric heating rod processing good installation hole, and then insert the purchase of electric heating rod which can heating power supply is connected. Along with the plastic products are widely and the rapid development of plastic molding process, people also more and more high to the requirement of plastic products. In recent years, the plastic molding on the front of scientific and technical workers, about how to enlarge the application range of injection molding, shorten the molding cycle, reduce the forming defects, improve the quality of plastic parts molding, reduce the production cost, etc, this paper explores the research and practice, has made gratifying achievements, mold of the new technology and new technology of injection molding emerge in endlessly.

the hollow core of slender injection molding processing parts need to use the long and thin, slender in the core of open cooling water channel is relatively difficult. When plastic inner hole is relatively large, jet cooling, can be used in the core center of gravity make a blind hole, insert a pipe in the hole, the cooling water from the center pipe flow, jet near the sprue cores to cool the core on the bottom of the blind hole, and then after the clearance between the punch and the pipe flow from the exit.

thermosetting plastic mainly adopt the method of compression and injection molding, the two methods of complex operation and the molding cycle is long, low efficiency, labor intensity, mold, molding easily damaged the quality of instability. Using injection molding thermosetting plastic parts can be said to be a major reform of thermosetting plastic molding technology, it has to simplify operation process and shorten the molding cycle, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve product quality, mould service life is longer than the advantages. The demand is higher, but the molding process of material is the most commonly used in wood powder or fiber as the filler bakelite, and amino plastics, unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and so on.

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