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The part of the development trend of flame retardants

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In the fire, suffocating smoke from the burning of polymer is a very serious air pollution and also brings great difficulties to extinguish fire. So now is flame retardant and smoke suppression of, and for some plastic, smoke suppression is more important than flame retardant. Containing halogen polymers, phosphorus-containing flame retardant and antimony compounds is the main source of smoke. Therefore, in addition to the non halogenated flame retardant agent is the main way to reduce the amount of smoke, of PVC containing halogen polymers with adding smoke elimination agent is another measures to solve the smoke.

the crosslinked polymer flame retardant performance better than linear polymers. Therefore, in the thermoplastic injection molding processing when adding a small amount of crosslinking agent, make the plastic part of the mesh structure, not only can improve the dispersivity of the flame retardant, has proved to be plastic burns produce carbon effect, improve the flame retardant performance, and can increase the products of the physical and mechanical properties, weather resistance, heat resistance, etc.

some flame retardants suitable for all kinds of special engineering plastics, in mobility, compatibility, thermal stability, flame retardancy, etc. , are much better than many small molecules flame retardants, has the potential to be the updated products in the future. Halogen free flame retardant materials and technology is currently very active development, which do not contain halogen phosphate compound development soon. But lines of phosphate ester compounds volatile, low heat resistance and flame retarding performance and cooperate with the need to improve on the mechanical properties of the resin material.

convergent organic phosphorus flame retardants also has become the development emphasis, there appeared a series of good compatibility, high stability of the new large molecular weight or polymeric organic phosphorus flame retardants. PBPPP, was synthesized via melt polycondensation product with high molecular weight, good thermal stability, the PET has good flame retardancy. PAPPP after nitriding and interfacial polycondensation reaction system, the compound has a lower decomposition temperature and the high residual volume, with good flame retardancy.

the current development of flame retardant technology presents many new trends, macromolecular technology is just a new flame retardant research of new technologies, one of the research is very active in recent years, and has got some achievements. For example, new characteristics in the development of bromine flame retardants is increased bromine content and molecular weight, so, the main drawback of bromine series flame retardant is decreased by the uv stability of the flame retardant base material, the combustion generated when more smoke and toxic gases, corrosive gases, so its use is limited by a certain.

a: types of flame retardants and development status of direct hits.
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