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The parting surface design principles

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Selecting rational gate location, reduce the bend flow, improve the surface roughness of the flow channel, so that you can shorten the filling time, avoid the long flow, pressure and heat loss caused by the big cavity filled with molding defects. For large parts or the thin-wall injection molding processing, plastic melt could flow resistance because of its flow distance is too long or too big to be full of the cavity. Therefore, in the mold design process in addition to consider a shorter process, also the flow of the response to the injection molding distance than the flow area ratio or check, so you can avoid lack of mould filling.

in the parting surface will inevitably leave traces of overflow flash on the plastic parts, therefore parting surface had better not in plastic light smooth outer surface or rounded the corner, so as to avoid adverse impact on the appearance quality of the plastic parts. Usually in the mold design, the choice of flat parting surface is more, but in order to facilitate the mould manufacturing, should choose reasonable according to the actual situation of the mold parting surface. When clamping push tube cavity and fixed model with contact, so the mould manufacturing is difficult.

when pouring system design should try to avoid the plastic melt direct hit a small core and embedded parts, in order to prevent the impact of the melt to make fine small deformation or insert core displacement. When selecting a gate location, for larger mold cavity, must strive to filled cavity with shorter process, make the plastic melt pressure loss and reduce heat loss to the minimum, to ensure the flow state of ideal and effective transfer of final pressure, guarantee a good forming quality.

in the design of parting surface should try to make the mold filling of plastic melt of material flow end in parting surface, so that is conducive to exhaust. Parting surface selection but also consider the projection area of the size of the cavity in the parting surface, selected the largest injection molding machines so as to avoid close to or more than the area of the overflow may be produced. In order to ensure that the placement of side core and core-pulling mechanism motion smoothly, should with shallow lateral concave hole or short lateral convex platform as the core pulling direction, and the deep concave hole or higher convex platform is placed in the open and close direction.

gating system refers to the mold by the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity between the feed channel. General average gating system by the mainstream way, distributary channel, gate and slag hole and so on four parts. Gating system design is an important link in die design, the design is reasonable or not on the performance of the plastic parts, size, internal and external quality and the mould has a great influence on structure, the using rate of plastic materials, etc. Injection molding in the injection molding machine cylinder at the plastic into molten state, so be aware of the molding of plastic melt flow characteristics and the influence of temperature and shear rate on viscosity is very important, such as the design of gating system must be adapted to the formability of the plastic used, to ensure the quality of molding plastic parts.

the ejection device at the side of the moving mould injection molding machine, so the parting surface should choose as far as possible after open mold in plastic dynamic model on one side, it helps in the moving mould part setting institutions, or within the fixed die set to launch institutions will increase the complexity of the mould. For a plastic parts dimension perpendicular to the parting surface, if the size is associated with parting surface, due to the parting surface in the processing of plastic injection molding was the trend of open, so the size precision will be affected.

when choosing gate location, should pay attention to avoid the weld mark. When melt flow, should as far as possible to reduce the number of shunt, shunt necessarily converge, melt rendezvous place will inevitably produce weld mark, especially in the long process, low temperature, the bigger influence on the strength of plastics welding. Gating system should be able to successfully guide full of plastic melt ininjection mould cavity of each part, the gating system and the cavity can what gas is already ordered out, avoid the filling process of turbulence or eddy, also avoid caused by gas accumulation sag, bubble, burning and other plastic parts molding defects.

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