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The performance and characteristics of polysulfone

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Fluorine plastic, polymer structure containing fluorine plastic products in general. Fluorine is high electronegative atom, fluorine atoms surrounded by dense polymer molecular chain, regardless of is stable to heat, chemicals, containing fluorine polymer and can be a special engineering plastics has many excellent performances. Fluorine plastic to polytetrafluoroethylene high yield, wide injection molding processing and application, its consumption accounts for about 80% of the total fluorine plastic resin, followed by tetrafluoroethylene - And tetrafluoroethylene - hexafluoropropylene copolymer Ethylene copolymer.

polysulfone kind of plastic is an ideal engineering plastics and electronic field. Polysulfone kind of plastic has good chemical resistance, in addition to the concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid, to general inorganic acid, alkali, alcohol, salt is stable. Polyether sulfone solvent cracking resistance is one of the best in the noncrystalline resins. Polysulfone not happen hydrolysis, but under the effect of high temperature and load, the water can promote the stress cracking, water of polyether sulfone and slight plasticizing effect.

plastic polysulfone is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of high strength, creep, and can be used at high temperature of products, widely used in electronic appliances, mechanical equipment, medical equipment and transportation and other fields. Can be accounted for more than half the consumption of electrical and electronic fields. PSF instead of PMMA and PC applications in the field of optical lens production. In addition to PES of advanced composite materials in electronic products, radar antenna mask, etc to get a large number of applications, he also can be used in the key components of a spaceship.

plastic polysulfone, polysulfone is flammable, belong to UL94V - Level 1, and polyether sulfone, aromatic sulfone with self-extinguishing, polyether sulfone and very low amount of combustion smoke. With glass fiber reinforced polysulfone, polyether sulfone, can be in a large extent, improve the dimensional stability, strength, rigidity and stress cracking resistance, thermal deformation temperature is further improved. Glass fiber content more than 30% of the reinforced polysulfone, a doubling of strength and modulus, 2 - fatigue strength improved Three times, creep variable drop 60% 80%, thermal deformation temperature increased 10 ℃.

polyether sulfone after glass fiber reinforced, abrasion loss is not only enhanced about 1/10, chemical stability are improved obviously, but the glass fiber reinforced polysulfone brittleness increases. In addition, also commonly used carbon fiber and inorganic mineral filler reinforced and filled with polysulfone, in improving strong toughness, low warp, stress cracking resistance, etc have obvious effect. In order to improve the polysulfone plastic molding processability, high price of poor, and to improve some performance, developed polysulfone plastic alloy.

plastic polysulfone with high intensity, has outstanding resistance to creep, injection molding processing parts dimension stability is good, no notched impact strength is also quite high. Such as aromatic sulfone impact strength is higher than polyimide 3 - 4 times, polyether sulfone impact strength with polycarbonate. Plastic polysulfone is high temperature resistant plastic, in wide temperature range and frequency range has excellent electric properties, even if placed in the water, can still maintain high dielectric properties.

with ptfe, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, etc can improve the wear resistance of polysulfone, some wear-resisting level of the varieties, such as its wear resistance than the PPS and POM more superior engineering plastics. For the result of the copolymerization modification of polysulfone is better developed some performance of new materials. A kind of new material - containing sulfonium and sulfone Polyethylene sulfide sulfone is polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) block copolymer with polysulfone and crystalline polymer, made of new materials at room temperature tensile strength of 175 mpa, tensile modulus of elasticity of 12. 7 gpa, still under 200 ℃ can keep the stability of size.

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