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The performance of the PC/unsaturated polyester alloy

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The tensile strength of the alloy and injection molding processing material PC, or even higher than PC, through the toughening modification, notched impact strength of the alloy is greatly increased, up to 960 j/m, close to pure PC. Good low temperature toughness of PC/unsaturated polyester, -- 30 ℃ under the notched impact strength can still maintain 800 j/m. Compared with the pure PC, PC/unsaturated polyester processing to improve liquidity, good formability. PC/PET alloy processing liquidity than PC/PBT alloy is poor. PC/thermal deformation temperature of the saturated polyester alloy at low load is higher, while in high load is lower than PC, thus suitable for higher requirements for heat resistance under low load condition. Excellent weather resistance, aging 2000 h, color and strength of the alloy are not changed.

in the blending process conditions of PC/unsaturated polyester alloy greatly influenced the blending time. For a single screw extruder, the screw rotation speed, the material stay time is short, and the screw rotation speed is small, long residence time. PC/PET alloy in the process of blending extrusion, with the increase of material residence time, blending system two kinds of reaction: namely the ester exchange reaction between PC and PET and PET degradation reaction.

PC/PET alloy in carbon tetrachloride and immerse 10 min, 10 min is placed in the air again, alloy elongation and tensile strength retention rate is as high as 94% above, PC/PET alloy oil absorption rate of 0. 12%, and oiled alloy before and after the tensile strength and elongation change is very small. PC/PBT alloy chemical resistance is better than that of PC/PET alloy. By PC/unsaturated polyester alloy to improve chemical resistance, therefore, good resistance to coating can get excellent coating adhesion.

the ester exchange reaction to improve the compatibility of alloy by, the degradation reaction decreased the performance of the alloy. Retention time is short, the ester exchange reaction of degree is small, a phase in another phase in the alloy in small concentrations, two phase compatibility. With the increase of material residence time, ester exchange reaction degree increases, a phase in another phase of the concentration increased, the compatibility of two phase increased. When the residence time more than a certain value, the degradation of PET reaction degree increases. As a result, material residence time influence the mechanical properties of PC/PET alloy.

material residence time from 1. Increased to 2 5 min. 6 min, the ester exchange reaction degree increases, the effects of compatibilizers is greater than the impact of degradation and the tensile strength and impact strength of alloy increases, the residence time continue to increase to 4 min, the influence of the degradation reaction more influence than the ester exchange reaction, thus alloy rupture strength and impact strength decreased. Blending time for little effects on the tensile modulus and yield strength of the alloy.

LDPE toughening effect to the PC/PBT alloys. Add a small amount of PC/PBT alloy melt index larger LDPE, processing formability of the alloy, improve mechanical properties and appearance. As the content of LDPE in 0 6 range increased, the injection molding processing materials increase of PC/PBT alloy melt index, the notched impact strength increased significantly. LDPE PBT component of crystallization of alloy have obvious promoting effect, because the molding shrinkage in the alloy increase. In addition, LDPE lowered the glass transition temperature of the PC.

blending temperature on the mechanical properties of PC/PET alloy has a great influence. With the improvement of mixing temperature, the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation at break decreased, which is associated with the degradation of PET under high temperature. PC/unsaturated polyester alloy with excellent comprehensive performance. Compared with pure PC, PC/PBT alloy and PC/PET alloy oil resistance and solvent resistance performance is greatly improved, has good resistance to solvent such as petrol, paraffin wax stripper, carbon tetrachloride or oil performance.

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