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The permeability of hydrocarbon solvent

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Solid and liquid have surface free energy, referred to as surface energy. In a liquid, the existence of this energy, show the liquid surface was reduced to the minimum force and surface tension. Surface energy and surface tension of the physical concept and dimension are different, but in math is pretty. Objects within the molecular inter-atomic forces, the greater the corresponding surface energy. Injection molding processing of polymer materials is with low surface energy materials, due to the low surface energy, determines the infiltration capacity of liquid to polymer solid - Invasive, and a series of performance related to invasive, such as dyeing, printing, adhesion, anti-fog, hydrophilic, the fouling resistance, biocompatibility, electrostatic, and so on.

due to all kinds of daily necessities, agricultural implements, industrial products, the use of more and more high-density polyethylene manufacturing container packing, or use the HDPE pipeline transport, chemicals in the polarity of the hydrocarbon solvent on the permeability of HDPE is more and more attention. Due to the above situation, various restrictions solvent seepage quantity of increasingly strict regulations, various aspects have developed a variety of techniques and response to improve the permeability of HDPE containers.

surface properties of the polymer can be divided into two main classes, one kind is related to the interfacial chemical performance, another kind is related to the interfacial damage performance. The surface of the object has its particularity, namely it is the interface between two different media. Solid, for example, both by its internal molecules on the surface of the solid reaction, and by surface contact with another phase molecular force, position is unbalanced.

automotive plastic fuel tank is one of the most strict product hydrocarbon solvent seepage quantity. The European ECE rules, 56 d storage fuel under 23 ℃, the average every 24 h is less than 10 g hydrocarbon solvent to leak out. Stored under 40 ℃, the corresponding seepage quantity is less than 20 g. CARB regulations are provided in the United States, the fuel system of hydrocarbon solvent permeability should be less than 2 g / 24 h. In fact some carmakers will aim at 0. The seepage quantity of 2 g / 24 h.

with content of combustible or dangerous chemicals leakage quantity is influenced by the strict limit. The transportation department of flammable or dangerous for organic liquid packaging regulations and 18 ℃, seepage loss less than 2% a year. Agricultural chemicals are toxic for the strong smell and is, 18 ℃, within one year of seepage loss does not exceed 0. 5%. Obviously, in the design of plastic products, products with chemical permeability performance is one of the important parameters.

because of the different materials of permeability have bigger difference, therefore, in order to make the tightness good food packaging materials, at the same time, without increasing the injection tooling cost of materials and other performance under the premise of give attention to two or morethings, often in the process, air tightness material multi-layer composite together of different size, air tightness good material in the inside, in the middle and the air tightness is poor but good material on outer moisture resistance. Plastic sheets, film, containers, bottles can be through this process to meet the requirements of barrier property.

the HDPE material technique and technology on the properties of hydrocarbon solvent permeability with permeable polymer layer blending technology, with resistance and permeability of polymer as the isolation layer of multilayer composite technology. Fluoride, sulfonated surface treatment technology, and plasma processing technology, etc. Surface of any a geometric entity, related to the physical and chemical condition on the surface of the object of performance is called the surface performance. Surface properties have great influence on the performance of the application of polymer materials, some characteristics of a product is often determined by the surface properties.

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