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The preparation of PC/PS alloy and control factors

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PC/RPS alloy density is generally higher than the theoretical calculation value, this is because the PC reaction with RPS, formed a strong chemical bonds, make both stick relay interface is greatly increased, the density of alloy increases. Reactive compatibilizing PC/RPS alloy than stress and strain values without capacity of PC/PS alloys has increased significantly, especially in the injection molding processing material PC in the majority, the stress and strain values are multiplied improve 7/3 for PC/RPS blend ratio, stress by 167. 4%, the strain 135. 4% blending effect is very good, this has to do with the PC, the results of the RPS grafting rate.

PC/PS blend alloy process including blending temperature, screw speed, feed rate. PC/PS alloy blending temperature is 230 - 250℃。 Blending temperature should be based on PC/PS alloy composition is different and appropriate adjustment, PC content high, the blending temperature can be slightly higher, low content of PC, blending temperature appropriate lower. As a result of the PC/PS alloy melt viscosity reduced along with the increase of PS content, so the screw rotation speed can be reduced with the increase of PS content.

when the PC content less than 50%, grafting rate is not high, and with the increase of the PC content changed little, when PC content is 70%, PC and RPS reaction condition is very good, the grafting rate is very high, this is because the PC is used in the sealing side, the PC can react with RPS end hydroxyl and carboxyl content rarely, so the RPS content is higher, PC control factor for the grafting reaction; When the PC content more than 70%, the amount of oxazoline base in the RPS is less, the RPS restricting the blending reaction, make grafting rate declined obviously.

blending system of compatibilizer, the type and dosage is the main factor that influence the properties of PC/PS alloys, therefore in the process of alloy, need to pay attention to some problems. Blending ratio on the performance of PC/PS alloy has a significant effect. With the increase of PS content, significantly lower torque for alloy, heat distortion temperature down slowly, ball pressure increase hardness, notched impact strength and notched impact strength higher than that of pure PC value, and when PS content is 5% and 7%, respectively, in spikes; PS content less than 20%, the tensile strength of the alloy is lower than pure PC; There was a maximum PS content is 5%.

when PS content less than 7%, the density of PC/PS alloy is greater than the simple adduct value; When PS content greater than 7%, the density of PC/PS alloy close to simply add value. Alloy density increases is due to the tight packing of PC, PS two-phase area, this is because the PC/PS alloy parts compatible, produce phase interface between the middle layer, and increase the stick relay, tightening or eliminate and empty. Also for this reason, the linear expansion coefficient of PC/PS alloy is less than simple add value.

PC/PS alloy blend has three ways. 1. Simple blending, i. e. , not adding compatilizer, PC and PS direct blending. This method due to the compatibility of PC/PS alloy is not very ideal, its mechanical performance is not the best. 2. Reaction of capacity, that is, first to PS graft modification, injection molding processing materials and mixed with PC, or directly use reactive PS copolymer blend with PC. Added compatilizer, PC, PS compatilizer and blending or PS blend with compatilizer first and then mixed with PC.

different compatilizer the compatibilizing effect of PC/PS alloy is different, graft copolymerization type compatilizer of grafting rate of the key factors that influence the compatibilizing effect when. Compatibility agent and a linear relationship between system compatibility, PC/PS system, because of the addition of compatibilizer, to a certain extent can increase the melt viscosity system, reduce the processing of liquidity. Reactive PS blend with PC in-situ compatibilizing of PC/PS alloys can be realized.

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