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The preparation of reinforced polycarbonate

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Most of the specifications of the goods PC by PC size of relative molecular mass. Injection molding processing PC performance is associated with relative molecular mass, relative molecular mass, melt viscosity, processing difficult. Long fiber reinforced PC unfavorable choose high relative molecular mass PC. Reinforced with PE modified PC, can significantly reduce the melt viscosity, thereby reducing processing molding temperature. PC and glass fiber should be carried out prior to squeeze dry processing, ensure the moisture content of less than 0. 03%.

ABS in SAN and PB phase of Tg to improve with the increase of the content of PC, PC components at the same time the Tg of reduced gradually with the increase of the content of SAN, it shows that the ABS with PC substrate surface grafting of the SAN SAN and rubber particles to produce a certain level of compatibility, the compatibility comes from low molecular SAN or SAN/PB graft migration to the PC. Blend even SAN content is very low, there are still two glass transition peak, which suggests that the SAN and the compatibility of PC is quite limited.

PC/ABS alloy is the main varieties of PC alloy, is also a kind of important engineering plastics alloy. PC/ABS alloy is sales of big commercial polymer alloy. ABS has good resistance to impact and processing of liquidity, price is cheaper PC. PC and ABS blend preparation of PC/ABS alloy, can lower the viscosity of the PC, such as adding 10% of ABS, PC of viscosity - 13 15%; Add 20% of ABS, PC can reduce viscosity - 20 27%. PC and ABS blending, but also can improve the stress cracking resistance of PC, reduce the impact on the sensitivity of the thickness and gap, at the same time can also reduce the cost.

glass fiber composition is different, its strength is different also, alkali-free glass fiber tensile strength is high, good electrical insulation, acid as alkali glass fiber. Glass fiber monofilament diameter, also affect the strength of the glass fiber length, fiber monofilament diameter of the thinner, shorter length, the larger the tensile strength. But monofilament diameter of the thinner, the cost is higher, the more expensive. In short fiber reinforced polycarbonate, glass fiber length is greater than the critical length, or loss of enhancement effect.

glass fiber should be 350 - Dewaxing process under 400 ℃, dewaxing process enhancement effect is better than not dewaxing of glass fiber. Interface between PC and glass fiber adhesive effect enhancement effect. Deal with glass fiber with coupling agent can improve the interface bonding, commonly used silane coupling agent, such as KH550, general dosage is 0. 5 - 3%. Fiberglass PC injection products have welded seam, with KH550 and carbamate compound composite staple processing, can improve the tensile strength of the PC, fatigue resistance, and more major is obviously improve the injection molding products processing of welded seam a phenomenon, make the injection products without welded seam, KH550 processing only short of this effect.

the solubility parameters of PC and ABS, and PC and ABS structure similar to that of their molecular structure were found in a large number of benzene ring structure, according to the principle of similar solubility parameters and compatibility is similar, the compatibility of PC and ABS in theory has certain. ABS depends on the solubility parameters of the ABS in the AN content in SAN, according to the theoretical calculation, the AN content in SAN was 25%, and the compatibility of PC is better. The compatibility of PC and ABS is also related to the content of PB in ABS, when PB content is higher, the compatibility of the poor.

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