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The preparation of the PPO/PA alloy

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PPO is crystal polymer, PA is a crystalline polymer, the two completely incompatible. PA is a crystalline polymer, its good oil resistance and solvent resistance, high crystallinity and hydrophilic PA and PPO blending, can improve the heat resistance of PPO, oil resistance and solvent resistance, so as to overcome the shortage of PPO/PS alloy, the modified PPO better applied to the higher requirements for heat resistant, oil resistant and solvent resistance of auto parts, meet the industry demand for high performance plastic injection processing materials.

of PPO/PS alloy electric insulation performance is very good a in engineering plastics, in a wide temperature and frequency range, dielectric loss tangent and dielectric constant is very small, PPO/PS alloy also has the very high breakdown voltage, and almost not influenced by temperature, humidity and frequency, is an ideal dielectric materials. PPO/PS alloys of high mechanical strength, with PC close, than the PA POM, has high tensile, bending and impact strength.

PPO/PA non reactive solubilizer mainly for graft copolymer of PPO and PA or block copolymer, the block copolymer the compatibilizing effect is better. PPO - b - PA6 significantly increase the notched impact strength of PPO/PA6 alloy, PPO - b - PA of PPO/PA alloy played the compatibilizing effect. After PPO bromide, again with PA6 in NMP under 190 ℃, it can produce PPO - b - PA6. Percentage of bromide by controlling PPO and choose different relative molecular mass of PA6, can be made of different structure types of PPO - b - PA6。

low hygroscopicity, PPO/PS alloy in 0. Is below 07%, bibulous rate is low in engineering plastics. PPO/PS alloy steam resistance is excellent. PPO/PS alloy at 92 ℃ in hot water, 104 h after hydrolysis resistance test, the tensile strength, elongation and impact strength, have no obvious change. PPO/PA alloy is soon after PPO/PS alloy development, many varieties of PPO alloy.

simple two incompatible polymer blend of dispersed phase particles is bulky, and uneven distribution of continuous phase dispersed phase between the interface bonding strength is weak, and mechanics performance is poor, so PPO and PA alloying is the key to solve the problem of compatibility between them. The reaction capacity and physical expansion, its mechanism is through the compatilizer molecules and aggregation owner chain between physical function, reduce the interfacial tension of two phase, improve the phase interface, stick relay the compatilizer is similar to the effect of emulsifier.

PPO/PS alloy creep, stress relaxation and fatigue resistance are better one in the engineering plastics, and in a wider temperature range can protect high strength. PPO/PS alloy, thermal deformation temperature range is wider than with different content of alloy, heat distortion temperature of the alloy can be - in 90 Adjustment between 150 ℃. PPO/PS alloy glass transition temperature is lower than PPO. PPO/PS alloy non-crystalline thermoplastic alloy, the molding shrinkage of small, well below the molding shrinkage ratio of PA, POM, injection molding products processing not buckling deformation, can be used in the preparation of high precision parts.

PPO/PA alloy has a high glass transition temperature of PPO and dimensional stability, and have the solvent resistance and formability of PA at the same time, it is a kind of excellent engineering plastics alloys, mainly used in auto parts such as wheel cover, engine parts, etc.
PPO/PA alloy has many excellent properties, but the low heat distortion temperature, oil resistance and solvent resistance difference of faults, its application is restricted.

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