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The preparation of the PPO/PA alloy and control factors

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PA bibulous rate is big, easy to hydrolysis under high temperature, so, before blending raw material components must be dry. The incompatibility of PPO/PA is a typical system, blending should join the compatilizer. For two-phase incompatible system, the different methods of the introduction of the compatibilizer, morphological structure and performance of the system have a significant impact, this is a blend of pay particular attention to a problem. PPO/PA alloy, in addition to the injection molding processing raw material PPO, PA and compatilizer three main groups of points, also can add other components to improve the performance of the alloy, such as adding toughening agent to improve the toughness of the alloy.

in the PPO/PPO - g - MAH/PA blend system, along with the PPO - g - The increase of the content of MAH blend of notched impact strength and tensile strength increases, when the PPO - g - MAH content reaches a certain value, its compatibilizers saturated, the performance of the blend is no longer as solubilizer content increases. Styrene and maleic anhydride copolymer is an effective compatibilizer for PPO/PA alloy.

SG PPA/PA would improve the tensile strength, tensile modulus, notched impact strength. SG compatibilizers of PPO/PA and the content of methyl acrylic glycidyl ether in SG, GMA content at 0% 10% range, its content is higher, compatibilizing effect is better, the greater the increase mechanical properties of alloy. The preparation of the PPO/PA alloy mainly adopts blending method, the PPO, PA and other components evenly mixed according to certain proportion, and the foot feeder to the twin screw extruder melting, kneading, extrusion, granulation, get PPO/PA alloy slice, the processing temperature is 260 - 280℃。

SMAH compatible with PPO, in the initial stage, the melt mixing SMAH dissolved in PPO, dissolved in PPO of SMAH have a chance to react with PA contact at the interfaces generate SMAH - g - PA6, in situ generation of SMAH - g - PA6 grafted copolymer in the PPO and PA phase interface, reduce the interfacial tension, so that the phase domain refinement. SMAH and the compatibility of PPO relating to the content of maleic anhydride in SMAH, within the lower content of maleic anhydride, SMAH compatible with PPO, so solubilizer SMAH MAH content should not be higher than 8%.

the preparation of PPO - g - MAH initiator, generally for the oxide type, such as peroxide withered, two tertiary butyl peroxide, two benzoyl peroxide, etc. Maleic anhydride grafted in injection molding processing materials on the main chain of PPO, generate PPO - g - MAH, also can to the end of PPO, generate PPO - MAH。 PPO - two structures g - MAH capacity of PPO/PA alloy with high impact strength. Maleic anhydride PPO can be alone with PA blend, and can also be added to the mixture of PPO and PA system, compatibilizers on PPO and PA.

SMAH can obviously increase the PPO/PA alloy tensile strength, elongation, tensile modulus, notched impact strength, heat resistance, solvent resistance and other properties, especially when the high content of PPO in alloy, increase more, compatibilizing effect is more significant. Styrene copolymer with methyl acrylic glycidyl ether SG is a solubilizer PPO/PA alloy. SG of epoxy groups can react with amino and carboxyl end on the PA, generated at the interface between the SG - g - PA copolymer, SG - g - SG chain of PA with PPO compatible or approximate compatible, and PA chain segment and PA phase structure is the same, SG - consequently g - PA PA in PPO plays compatibilizers of similar Bridges.

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